Talent Show


I just got back from performing in my school talent contest! It was a blast, and I’m pretty sure I won. I have to do two more shows tomorrow though.
Anyways, what shows or contests have you yoyo’ed in?


I’ve preformed at two talent shows, NER, and RI states


I did one talent show, though i was the only one yoyoed and the rest looked like auditions for American idol


I yoyoed at my schools talent show last year and this year. I’ve gotten second both times. And this Sunday, a man that lives close by is organizing a concert. He wants me to yoyo at it. So I hope that goes all well!


I yoyo’d for a school talent show back when I was in high school. I got 2nd place but only because I got 1st place for something else


for what :slight_smile: