Wish me luck!-Talent Show

Heading off to a talent show. I’ll let you know how I do. Wish me luck!!!

what are you doing in it?

Good Luck! I hope you do well! I’m actually doing my school talent show as well and the auditions are on February 25th or so.

Probably yoyoing considering this is a yoyoing thread after all lol.

it is in the unrelated thread after all lol.

Lol, I meant to say forum but I forgot this thread is in the unrelated discussion anyway. My bad.

Yes, I yoyoed. And I GOT FIRST PLACE!!!

I got a perfect score, 20/20, from every judge!!!
Plus, it’s a seventy-dollar prize! Woohoo! Saving money for worlds here I come!!!


Congrats! That’s so awesome!

Awesome sauce dude! So happy for you your performance must have bin great!

That’ awesome man! Congratulations! I’m mad jealous. lol

Alright! Go you! =D


Sweet! One time I won a talent show… The prizes added up to $50 haha. :smiley:

Cool beans man. Do you have a recording of your performance?

My dad does. I screwed up a ton…but non-yoyoers don’t really notice much. Maybe he’ll upload it.

Please do!


I’ll see. Just be warned, this was my first real performance, like, in front of all strangers on a stage. Needless to say, I messed up a ton more than usual. :wink:

Ok, here ya go!


Nice! I think you rocked it!

Thanks!!! That’s what everyone said. :slight_smile:

Right on! Great job. Talk about grace under pressure!

Hmmm my iPods not loading the video :(. I’ll have to watch it tomorrow or something…