Talent Show


Wish me luck guys. I’m off to my school Talent show. I passed the auditions and I’m officially in the show. The show is starting today at 7:00 PM PST. Woohoo.

I’m sporting my CLYW competition shirt and I am using my 3 Chiefs up on stage.

Don’t worry, I also have a fresh pack of High-Chew in my pocket.

How many of you have participated in a Talent show and how did it go?


Good luck! You’ll do great, especially if your school is unfamiliar with modern yoyoing.


I ran sound for one, does that count? Be sure to do Texas cowboy! The crowd loves it!


Yup! I have!

I was at my local Youthgroup, last year, and I got up on stage to perform… Boy was I nervous! I started throwing, I got in my groove. I had a blast! The crowd loved it, I even jumped off the stage!

Guess what? I won! It was really fun! Just be yourself!!

(WildCat23) #5

Did you do a barrel roll?


Im doing my first stage yoyoing at my talent show!


I wish! I just jumped over a trapeze. :stuck_out_tongue:


I got third in my high schools talent show, behind a singer and a singer/dancer.

Being on stage can either be an incredibly fun time, or a terrible time. It all depends on your attitude. The best piece of advice I can offer you is to have fun. You’ll perform better and the audience will enjoy your performance much more.


Have fun man! (Although at this time you’re already performing, probably…so, if you haven’t yet, good luck :slight_smile: ).

I did my middle school’s talent show last year. It was one of those, “everybody is a winner” talent show, so there were no winners. But, since I was in a crowd of singers, I was a favorite. :slight_smile: I found it interesting, I wasn’t nervous at all. I was for the auditions (legs shaking, etc) But for the actual performance, with a huuuge auditorium, I wasn’t nervous at all. Once you realize that everybody is blown away by your skill, and that even if you mess up, you’re still impressive, you stop being nervous.

This year, now in high school, they’re not having a Talent Show…the Theater class has had their drama back to back for the past week, which is the only opening for what usually is the TS. So, hopefully there will be one next year, because these are the talent shows where people actually win, and such.



I did screw up quite a bit, but the crowd loved my tricks.


Good job bro! Whats the deal with all this hi chew stuff tho? Lol i grew up with bubbletape #bubbletapegangforlife


I did a talent show in highschool. I got 2nd place only because I got 1st for something else (dance crew). It was really fun and I didn’t do anything too extreme. The crowd really likes simple tricks.

I also did a guest performance a few weeks ago on stage infront of ~800 people as a filler in-between the dance sets of my current college dance crew. I thought it would be cool to have my beatboxer friend beatbox instead of me having music play. The crowd loved it.

Good job on the talent show! Now it’s time for you to move on to bigger performances!


so did I !! Brings back memories I was deff a 90s baby haha I was born directly on 1990 so I got the best of all 10 of those years, kinda. Haha


I did about a month ago. It went well, I got a huge reaction from Texas Cowboy, and my brother from Eli Hops. Pretty much you do anything, and it will impress. I did it with a Classic just in case anyone asked how much the yoyo costed, they wouldn’t be scared away.


Last year I did and got second.
This year I did and got second as well. Next year shall be mine though! :smiley:


ahhh luckyyy! I was born in '93 , I was a huuuuge power rangers fan! haha every time I didn’t pee my pants I got a gold star sticker on a lil calendar thing, every five stars I got a power rangers sticker, every 3 power rangers stickers I earned I got to go to toys’r’us and get a new power ranger action figure… and that my friends is how I was potty traineddd… bear in the big blue house, the wild thornberrys, hahahaa sockem boppers, yomega brains. I was watching boy meets world yesterday and its pretty crazy the lesson you can learn from that show. ohhh ohh ohhh… CANT FORGET POKEMON FIRST GENERATION YOOO!!! none of those weird new ones blechhh! I actually still have my Gameboy pocket (before the color) and my blue version! sorry to go offfff topic but I felt that it was needed.

back on topic. did anyone film it salvy? id try to find out and get it posted brooooo!!


I won a contest in 2011 at our company talent show. I was really suprised when i won because there were alot of talented people that competed.


Our talent show doesn’t choose winners. I guess it’s to make everyone feel like a winner.

On a side note, I got a girlfriend because of my performance at the Talent show. :smiley:


I participated in a school talent show a few weeks ago. It was really fun, I didn’t sweat it though considering that the yuggles in the audience really couldn’t tell if I messed up or not. A lot of people came up to me and said that I was “amazing”, “gifted”, or “best in show”, which really boosted my self esteem. I even managed to inspire a few people to want to learn!


Yeah, I’m hoping that many people will be inspired to look things up on youtube and check out yo-yoing.