Talent Winner!


Hey guys. I just wanted to inform you that I have just won My Church’s talent show! I yoyoed up against some insane acts and came out on top with most crowd votes and Judges pick! I actually nailed Jensen’s Trapeze jump thing at the end of my routine, and the crowd went crazy. I feel so honored to have put up a very good FS up against Sooo many good acts.

Just thought I’d let you know. One guy did get the entire show on video, so I may post my FS if I can find it. I used Gentry’s song, and two of Jensen’s shorter tricks, but the rest was totally original tricks.


congratulation. I am competing in a school talent show on November 6. I will use that routine for the routine i use at SER


find and post it please i would love to see it also u can make tuts on all the tricks too and congrats on the big win


That’s always what I do, steal amazingly awesome tricks/songs when I’m yoyoing for public people. ;D Congrats, BTW


personally i do not think you should judge a talent show because its to show the world what your talent is, not a competition. good job in advance. Anyway, what other acts did they do?


Nice! :wink: I’m competing sometime in the next couple months at a talent show at my school also.


If my school has a talent show, I am definately gonna compete. People love my yoyoing.


This one kid did this Ninja Flailing Gymnastics thing that was SICK! These other guys made a skit where one of them spoke in a Scottish Accent the whole time, and this other kid made sound FX with his voice that sounded just like sirens and things. I also opened my act with a brief one person comedy skit about Jalille the Goat seller. It was really fun. One of my friends made on the spot duct tape stuff like roses and wallets and other stuff.


Nice work. :slight_smile:


im also competing at my school talent show, tomorrow


I won the crowd choice at my town talent show.
I could have won 1st if it wasn’t rigged. :-\