talent show

this is my talent show last night! i got 2nd place. it was really fun! one of the most fun nights in a while! :slight_smile: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TF7bQuqlCM&feature=youtu.be

1:25 = 8)

What does that mean?

Wait, ignore that. Lol

lol… When the beat dropped and you went into that fast combo the crowd got fired up. That must have felt great bro.

It did. I’d do anything for that night to happen again. Lol

seriously you didn’t win whats more interesting to people than a kid that can do “impossible tricks” with his yoyo… wHAT act beat you?

Nice stuff! I could see the confidence growing as the performance went on. First place next time for sure :wink:


i got 2nd place. $100 a girl and a guy sang a song on the piano

That was great! Another victim of VVS (Vertical Video Syndrome), but it’s still great to have that footage. :slight_smile: And you ripped!

Blarg where do I find a talent show at?

I wanna win $100…

Great job btw

It was goood!! You should try to move around more on stage next time, i think it would really improve the prrformance:)

i really wished i would’ve gotten first! it was $150! now i’m
80 short for a Ares Star :-[