Good day!

It has been a very good day. I felt good about a chemistry test that I took. I went to a perfect attendance lunch at my school and I won $20. Then I went and performed in my school talent show. The yuggle crowd loved it and I received a roar of applause at the end. I didn’t perform as well as I would have liked and I messed up a couple times, but it was a yuggle crowd so…yeah. I won the variety section of the talent show(I was the only competitor in that category, but everyone said I was the best over all). I got $50 for winning that section of the talent show. I saw my sister and my nephew. We celebrated my talent show “victory” with frozen yogurt. So, not to pat myself on the back, it has been a VERY good day.

I might post my talent show video some time.

Thanks all!

Brandon Merrill

I remember when I did my talent show at my school it was awesome. Unfortunately I got second for reasons I would not like to mention, but I got a lot of recognition which was good, also people were saying I should have won. I was pretty new at it at the time so I did not know many tricks but it was alright haha. People started calling me “yoyo kid” after that 'tis was great, and I messed up too so do not feel bad cause it happens, especially the first time you perform with a crowd ;D haha. Anyways here is my video if you want to check it out.

That’s awesome for you Brandon! That’s bound to be an awesome lucky day for you!

Wow Good Job Brandon