Oh hey guys, just to tell you i’m in the talent show for yoyoing! Man!!! i was so awesome!!! Also my friend metal man was with me last year.(in the talent show). but i got way better this year! If you guys listened to my song, you would be jammin

Good luck! I did our talent show this year and won! Just gotta relax. I missed like half of my tricks but if you look like you are having fun and relaxed nobody can tell. :stuck_out_tongue: Have fun with it my friend.

Hey I entered the talent show with my friend this year. We yoyoed and the entire time they were cheering!!! We rocked. they didn’t give out ranks though.

omg i was the best with my friend last year. everyone was going crazy. but we dont get ranks or to tell who won. (i think they think the little kids will cry)

So we have the exact same story!! ( u know what i mean)

ohhhh yeah