celebration time

Okay so I just won my first contest today it was BLC I was n rookie, anyway have you ever won or placed in a contest and what contest

I came in 2nd to last place once because I was fairly hungover.


Also I can’t yoyo.

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What division did you win? I’ve placed hmm let’s see here. 2012 NER AP 1st, 2012 Ma States, 3a 3rd, 2013 NER 4a 2nd, … too many to count :stuck_out_tongue:

Yesterday at go big skill toys, we had a freestyle competition and I placed first, and im the current Kansas State Champion, other than that im actually a really crappy competitor #stagefright :-\ :stuck_out_tongue:

I won the YYE Throwdown in September. THAT was something :slight_smile:

rookie division

Never going to a competition. Like ever.

Congratulations! ;D

I’m not sure what BLC stands for, but winning any contest is a great achievement. Do you have a video of your freestyle?