Winning/Placing in Your First Contest

Hey everyone! After I won the sports division at SEC this year, I felt really accomplished, especially since I did really bad last year. I honesty wasn’t expecting Gramme to call out my name for first place, and it took me kind of a while to even respond :joy:. To all of you who placed or won in a contest, how did you react when you were called, and what did you receive as a reward?

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Picture of Trophy and Medal
Back of The Medal

When I won Missouri state, I was shocked! I just was so happy for about 3 hours.

Just 3 hours? :joy: I know GA states is coming up soon, but I think I’ll wait to compete until it’s my generations turn in the competitive scene.

There are no turns. Your (and anyone else’s) time is now. Seize the day.


Usually I just look like this, literally.

Loving the mugshot face xD

At Eastern Canadian regionals 2015 and Canadian Nationals 2016 (which were my first 2 contests ever), I won first place in the Sport Ladder division. I was just happy that I went out there and did my best. At ECR I got a Finhop yoyo and a pack of vines. At Nats I got a Protostar, a Magic Yoyo April and T5, a natty mndmtr Kendama, and a glove.

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As usual, Amplified is giving good advice. Carpe diem - seize the day.


I guess your right. See you at GA hopefully!