What was your first contest and what was it like?


Hey guys, im about to go to my first ever yoyo contest (nationals) in like less than 2 months and im extremely excited! So, what was your first yoyo contest? Worlds, nationals,BAC, etc. And how was it? Were you nervous or scared kinda or excited, and was it as fun as you thought?

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We know, it’s not like you make a new thread about it every week or anything.


Its been 3 weeks…

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I apololigize… I’ve just seen so many of your posts lately that it’s somewhat hard to keep track. Also, I understand being excited for a contest, because they are a great experience whether it’s your first time or tenth time or whatever, but I have absolutely never in four years seen anyone make as many threads about one single contest that is way down the road than you have. With how much you talk about it and how good you want to it to be, I’m afraid that you’ve idolized nationals so much you may be disappointed. It’s a yoyo contest, you will have fun, I’m happy you’re excited, you have a right to be, but the less you care about every little detail, the more fun you will have.


Okay, thats cool SR…

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I’m not quite sure if you’re being sarcastic, or genuine; but either way it doesn’t matter. What I said I believe to be very true.


Good job! ;D

I just never have been so attracted to a hobby. I dont have hobbys and dont play sports, I usually just sit around and do nothing, until I found yoyoing. I love it and with all my old hobbies, I could never meet the pros, see them play, or anything like that. I’ve met gentry and that was awesome and motivated me. Now I just want to see my favorite players perform and see the yoyoing community in one spot and meet new people. :slight_smile:
sorry if I annoyed you wih my posts ppl.


First and only was about 5 months into yoyoing. I believe in 2009, it was held at the University of Texas, in Austin, in a small auditorium. I dont know the name maybe something like gulf coast something. Pretty small maybe 30 competitors. I only entered into the trick ladder, and most did not as they entered in to the freestyle. I did win first in trick ladder which was cool and very motivating to keep going. I will be at worlds and entering the ladder and 1a freestyle. It was awesome, got to try a lot of throws and even threw a Levi painted peak. Everyone was real nice and friendly. Got a lot of new trick ideas and ever one was just chill. Was awesome to be around yoyoers as I only know one other in real life, but at that time I did not. Very cool interacting with like minded people, you will have a blast, as excited as you are.


Cal States '13. I was 3 months in and got my first metal (Summit) and got to see many of the greats. You should enjoy Nats if it is anything like Cal States. Hopefully I can make it.


I watched worlds on YouTube. That was cool.


Mideast Regionals 2012. I didn’t compete, but it was still a ton of fun.


Got into yoyo in May 2011. Found out I missed CalStates by 2 months(it’s close to me). Missed Nationals that year too, wasn’t aware of when it was.

First contest. CalStates. Dove in big: I was the sound production company for CalStates, so my first contest was also a job. Cool, right?

It was for me. That’s my kind of fun.

Turn and burn, moving music through the system, players through the stage as fast as we could.

It was a challenge, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Well, my crew and myself. It’s always a team effort. I may be the lead, but without them I can’t function.

CalStates led to BAC. I now am the sound provider for both those contests. I’m still gunning for Nationals and have people working other lines for me to get that job, but it’s highly unlikely unless someone dies or just doesn’t want it anymore, and in which case, I’m primed to sweep in. Regardless if I get that contract, I’m going to Nationals regardless. I’m also trying to get SoCal events, and I am aiming for things like Arizona, DXL and any contest that wants me out there to ensure it’s done right. I’ll work for cheap too!

Now, if we talk about the first contest where I wasn’t working, that would be Nationals 2012. I find myself wanting to work, not hang out. I’m a sound engineer, an audio professional. I want to take Nationals up to MY standards, which would leave the current solution in the dust! However, it was still fun and enjoyable.

I’ve also got the recurring contract for YoLex events in the Sacramento area. Loads of fun!!


BAC 13 it was so fun! U will have a great time at Nats! I’m competing look for me :expressionless:


I dont know how you look… But okay I guess :wink:


06 nationals


UK Nationals next week will be my first contest. Can’t wait! :slight_smile:


My first and only “contest” wasn’t sanctioned or anything, just a rinky dink thing put on by the city for the annual art festival… It was in the middle of August, 105 heat index and STICKY It was hosted and judged by the local radio DJ, and the local baseball team mascot… Two or three age groups, I was the oldest…

So when it got to my age group, they just had us all yoyo at once for like a minute, which I thought was really stupid… I was hands down the best, not even bragging, because I was the only one that knew string and trapeze tricks…

When we were done they said they needed to see us all again for an additional 30 seconds… Cause they just couldn’t decide! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

I ended with Rocket in the Pocket to steal the $25 gift certificate…