California State Yo-Yo Championship 2012

Thanks to YoYoExpert for Sponsoring!

March 3rd
Sacramento California
Hope to see you there - Facebook- Twitter

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I’m going to make my hotel reservations in a few days. :slight_smile:

I’m doing sound for CalStates!

It’s my first yoyo contest. No, I won’t be competing. I may be working like a dog, but I’ll be loving every last second of it!

I’ll be there. I am so excited–YoYoStringLab is sponsoring the contest! Here is the full list of sponsors: Cal State YoYo Contest Sponsors. Stop by our table, say hi and try out the different string formulas. We’ll have stickers and other stuff.

Can’t wait! Going to be a ton of fun! I’m competing as usual.

Free bump.

Happy to be doing sound for this event!

My first time competing- Sports Ladder… Might not do good at all, but I’ll have fun… See u guys there!

wat is your name i will see how good you are

Free bump. Just want to see lots of people there! But I already know there will be a massive turn-out.

Can’t wait man, I’m pumped. It’ll be my second contest. Lookin for some people to chill with, so yeah.

Only 4 more days!

cant wait!!! im competing for the second time: carter bliss

Im gonna be there.
And Im gonna mess up your lives.

If thats ok with you that is.


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You doing some video? I’ll have my hands full, so I might not get much.

Bring it! I look forward to it!

I’m gonna run a single angle from my side of the stage. It won’t be great but it will be an angle. I’m only recording finals.

Heading up 2day. Excited!

My wife and I are coming from Southern California. We are currently in a Starbucks getting some details lined up. We are excited about tomorrow! This will be my second time competing. I won’t do well, but I am looking forward to being around other yoyoers.

KC Wagenseller

All packed up. My wife and two sons will be there to help out. We even plan to have a entry in the Trick Ladder from my 11 year old. Can’t wait!

Yuuki Spenser won. Gentry second and augie fash third