Who's attending the Ohio State YoYo Contest?


This is my first time competing in the Ohio State YoYo contest and Im curious to see who will be there


Meeee! This is the only contest I get out to. This is their first year with prelims, and I think I might compete. I’m really nervous though. I’ll be open for anyone to trade yoyos/tricks with me!


Have you been to it before?


I’m planning on attend, not good enough to embarrass myself on stage but I plan on going to check it out and buy some throws!

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When is it?


July 17th 2013

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Where in Ohio as well?


Olmsted falls I think

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Anyone coming from PA or anywhere like that and is willing to carpool?


I only live about 20 min away


im from south of columbus so its a 3 hour drive and im working on moving…nope i aint gonna b there


Hey Columbus! You know of any brick and mortar stores near-ish you that sell yoyos? I’m from the mid Ohio valley area and don’t know of many aside from general toy stores


I’m going from PA probably.


Has anyone been there before?


I went last year. But the contest is supposed to be taking place in a brand new venue this year.


Instead of being in the Beachland Ballroom, it’s in the Omstead Mall.


Was there a sport ladder contest?


I’ve been twice before and its cool to see how much bigger its getting. The new venue and format should be interesting.


The website doesn’t provide too much info.
Does anyone have any information not posted on the site?


Online registration is now available for 10 dollars for each freestyle and 20 dollars for both freestyle and X division