New Hampshire yoyo contest April 20, 2013

This is going to be a great event. If you have any questions about the location feel free to send me a PM. The flyer pictured should have all the info though. Can’t wait.

I am very excited about this event!! I will be there for sure!!

I’ll have to see whether I can come!

I can’t wait.

I will see you there yoyokid

Any idea if you can make it Soviet?

I’ll have to convince my mom…

Much easier said than done…

Lol ya it is a bit of a drive for you but if there is a meeting to come to this would be the one. Should have a very good turn out and lots of prizes and there will be Cake!!!

Cake? Well, I guess I have to come now…

I might be able to go if I somehow miraculously convince my parents. It’s kind of 4 and a half hours away though…

I wish there was a New Jersey or state yoyo contest…

I haven’t thrown in a while but I definatily want to come to this, I am taking off the day from work for sure and enjoying it. I really want to get back into yoyoing and this is a good way to get some tips and advice, if I don’t try out in a contest, but how do you know what level of experience you have?

Intermedate division would be if you can do trick like double or nothing, Mach 5, Plastic whip, cold fusion, suicide. If you can do more advance things maybe you should put together a freestyle if you can’t then I would say your on the beginner level.

I can do some of those but at the same time, cold fusion and suicide as well as plastic whip still gets to me, but I also am trying to throw some of my own tricks together. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be though, but I can still give it a try, cause I know I can do mach 5 and those tricks but at the same time I tried learned more advanced ones as well which is why I am uncertain, but I mean I guess I can wing it and hope for the best when the time comes.

I am super stoked for this event!!! I will actually be staying over in Manchester too!!!

A “friend” on the NH team has agreed to put me up and show me the town!!! Thanks “friend”

Gnarwhals for life!!!

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I will post all the contest detalis later today to answer all questions.

Any rumors regarding my generosity have been greatly exaggerated. All “house guests” will be immediately put do work mopping the floors, painting the walls, and grinding the calluses from my feet. All tours of Manchester will be spent pulling me around in my rickshaw.

Gnarwhals are fantastic.



Does the Advanced Freestyles include every division?

Can’t wait to finally meet you!

Wow! I’m super excited for this! I can’t compete at NER… So why not just randomly do a freestyle here?

My thoughts exactly