2013 Virginia State YOYO Contest

Hey everyone!
Here to announce the 2013 VA state yoyo contest happening on January 26, 2013 at the Childrens Museum of Richmond! check out our facebook page for up to date information as we post it!


The contest will have a 1a, open, and sports ladder division. 1a will consist of 1 min prelims and 3 min finals. Open will have 3 min finals and prelims if we see fit. registration price and times are to be determined.

if you have any questions hit us up on our facebook page and well be sure to answer.


Well this will be my first three minute routine that I have ever had to put together but I am looking forward to this very much.

So much closer than most contests I go to, only three and half hours from NC so I will definitly be there.

do you have to be sponsored?can you use any yoyo you want?BRAINtwisted

Yes I am sooo going! Even better it will be my first competition!

You do not need to be sponsored to compete and you can use any yoyos

Wait so no 2a, 3a, 4a, 5a? What’s open?

It is all of those divisions combined into one. I wish I could go this year but for the second year in a row something comflivts with it :frowning:

One division? That’s wrong its not fair if your in the middle of a 1a freestyle and decide to do 2a! Now just curious is the Di Base good for competition or should I use my legacy 2?

i am glad you guys are all showing up. Last year was awesome and I met some awesome people like Johnny!!! Cant wait to meet everyone else.

I meant that in open you can decide which style you will do except you can’t do 1a sorry if this explanation isn’t really good. I’m bad at explaining things. And you should use whichever yoyo you like more

okay thanks and I like them both the yoyos I can’t decide grrr why so hard!

its all preference i like the di base better cause of shape and feel and weight but its all on you

alright 1 last question how do yu sign up?


Yeah I was questioning that to I hope YYE will be there because they sell all kinds of yoyos.

I’ll be going this year. Last year was so fun I can’t afford to miss it! My name’s Evan Webb. Say hello if you see me!

Coolio you probably spot me first though due to my short hair and being a girl at the contest!

Hopefully I can make it up there again this year!! Not going to compete but it should still be fun!

You should compete it. Would fun!

Hey do you know if the competition for freestyle music takes an iPod?