Official 2015 Texas State YoYo Contest, Ended, Was awesome, Results.

Art Credit: Pat Condon. awesome work as always.

im proud to announce that I will be organizing the Texas State YoYo Contest this year!

More to come!

Location: Austin, TX!!
Venue: Space12
Date: April 18th 2015
Start: 11am, End: 4-5pm

Registration is Open!

Divisions: FINALS ARE 2 MIN!

-Open or X
-sport ladder
-And introducing “Gunslinger”! A bracket style 1v1 division with a 30 second freestyle trick, no regens. Best trick wins and advances!

Trophies will be given out for each division.


Judges are:
Miguel Correa
JB Hewatt
and Kyle Weems

Sponsors so far:

One Drop!






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congrats texas!!

Finally a local contest woohoo

Great! Let us know how DFW can help. We’ve got between 10-20 club members meeting regularly now, so hopefully a few of us can make it!

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perfect! the location i have in mind has from for about 100 people.

I will be there for sure! Is this over a weekend, or during spring break?

March 21st is what im negotiating. its a Saturday.

which is also the best day of SXSW, so once the contest is finished you can head out and watch some awesome music!

I generally make it a point to stay the hell away from Austin during sxsw… traffic, traffic, more traffic, tens of thousands of extra people…

Glad to see something happening with it though.

Would love to be there, although I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it due to school (unless if it’s during the weekend or my school’s Spring Break, that would be cool :D)

Cool I will be there

I just checked up on my school’s Spring Break and it’s from the 9th to the 13th, so I might have a hard time trying to get there, but I’ll do my best! :stuck_out_tongue:

Date will be finalized next week. I’ll definitely accommodate for that though. They usually block downtown traffic, which pushes the traffic to the outer lying areas of the city. The venue will be tricky to get to, so I’ll probably push it back a week or two.

Just what I’ve been waiting for :open_mouth:

What is the time limit for the prelim and the final? :smiley:

Date finalized!

We will be adhering to NYYL rules for freestyles and judging!

So the finalized date is April 18th? :stuck_out_tongue:


Will there be age or gender brackets for any of the divisions, including sport ladder?

Where do I register?

how do we sign up? and what is the time for the event?