Florida State Yoyo Contest 2012

The Florida State Yo-Yo Contest will be held on March 3 2012.

The location is: The Seminole Towne Center Mall
200 Towne Center Circle, Sanford, FL 32771

The contest will be held from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

I would like to thank Andre and YoYoExpert for being a GOLD sponsor!

Andre you are awesome!!!

Post if you are going!

Register here!! http://www.floridastateyoyocontest.com/


Notice when you register you can pay through paypal right there!

Looks like me and Mrs P will be there! I might even compete, just to say I had a go.

I’m going with my friend Justin o yah

I am going and I am taking my friend. We are both competing in 1a and trick ladder.

I will be there! Can’t wait and will be making my 1A competition debut! Already working on my routine. Spent about 30 minutes today on it. Got the concept down just got to keep working on getting it smooth with a high priority on not knocking myself out on accident haha. This should really be an amazing contest. I know those involved and myself are putting a lot of work into this to make it one of the premier state contests!

Either 1a or trick ladder. Not both.

I think I’ll compete as well.


Either 1a or trick ladder. Not both.

I thought you could do both, cause I did pre-register for both.

Im in!


Nope. If you compete in the ladder you cannot compete in any other division.

Hey everyone, if you are going to compete in the contest, make sure you register and pay online at http://www.floridastateyoyocontest.com/

You can also upload your music there too!! We are trying to get all music uploaded before the contest to make it run smoother!!

Me and my roommate are gonna be there, but neither of us are competing. only been throwing for about 2 months. I can already tell that this is going to be super sweet!! excited to be there and meet some people in the area.

I might.


Two of the judges will be:

Dennis Shatter
Former Duncan demonstrator

A.J. Kirk
Team Yo-Yo Jam

so the reason why we have to send them the music is because they are going to play it for us?

Tony, our sound/tech guy will program it to play for you and he will have two plasma tvs there to display your name when you are announced. It makes it easier to have the music prior to the event so we don’t have to take alot of time coordinating that.

Tony, if you see this, feel free to comment :slight_smile:
See you there,
Yvette Pond (Jarrett’s mom)

I was goint to go to florida states but since I am no longer on that side of the country I will just go to california states on the same day instead, hehe. Of course after I go to PNWR.

I will definitely be there and will be channeling the power of the cosmos to tear it up in the 1A division this year! Keep an eye out!

so if you pre-register and you put sports ladder and 1a do you have to choose one at the contest?