Is anyone here going to Florida states?

So…Is anyone on the forums going to attend in march? I hope so lol

Where in Florida?

Sanford, north orlando.

hmm I might where can I get more information from?

I’ll be there hopefully.

Here’s the website;

awesome, I will try to be there.  :slight_smile:

Cool man, hope that you can make it.

Oh how I wish I could but to far. Ga states was one of the best rings I’ve ever been to that was so much fun.

Officially going!

No way in hell im not going, You’re competing right slim? :o Wonder if moefv is going

I am definitely going, i am already signed up, moefv told me he might go


I’m going!! Hopefully my friend can come too

Looking forward to meeting you there

I’ll be there.

Do u have to compete to go or can u just go as audience? Sorry im new at this

You can go as a spectator and hangout.


If you have not registered, please go to to do so. Everyone needs to be registered, paid and have their music uploaded by February 24th. You can do all of that on the website.

Also, check out our facebook page called 2014 Florida State YoYo Contest. We will post updates and information there as well.

Can’t wait, it’s gonna be awesome! :slight_smile: