Is anyone here going to Florida states?

Yup, it’ll be my first time I see someone yoyo in front of me other than a screen, I have never seen a person near me that yoyos, and I have never seen a high end yoyo. This is going to be special for me. It’s also the half a year of yoyoing mark. I already started counting down days, I just want to burst from excitement!

10 more days…

I’m going and I’m excited!!

I’m excited to see people who yoyo. And I will see a bunch of throws in front of me and see what I like. I have been yoyoing for half a year, I don’t have a chance, but I’m going for fun.

Man! I just came back from a long break I took from throwing. Hopefully now I have more time to throw and attend contests and meets and make more YouTube videos. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go due to things I already had planned the day FL State will be going on. This has been the 2nd year I’ve missed Fl States, which is kind of disappointing because I just like going to meet other throwers and love when people ask me about a yoyo or if they can try a yoyo from my collection out or teach them a trick. It’s just a fun experience all around. I will definitely be going next year though or to any other contests Florida will be having (if there are any other contests). I hope you guys that are going enjoy your time there! God Bless - Moefv

P.S. PM me when meets go on so I can go now that I am getting involved again after my break.

Those of you who are going and are a size medium or small, come see me for a free shirt. First come, first serve!

South east regionals is april 26th in tallahasse and then the pan america contest is june 30-july 2nd.

Awesome! Yeah I went on and saw those contests! I will be at the Pan American International Contest. So, see you guys there! God Bless - Moefv

Woah, SER is on my birthday!

7 more days till i go to Sanford…

6 days till I go to Sanford…

7 days till the contest…

If only it was in may.

I will hopefully be attending Pan American Contest in Orlando!

When is that?

yes I’m curious too ::slight_smile:

June 30-July 2nd at the rosen plaza in orlando. Same hotel worlds has been held at.

I’m going, if I can

Hopefully you guys can go! I’d be cool if I met some of you guys!

I need to try some general yo!!!

And it would be awesome to meet some of you

Cool that hotel rocks, I will go if I have the chance.

Well see you guys saturday.