Any one in Florida?? Or anyone who knows about yoyo clubs in florida?

im in florida waiting for the worlds

i live in florida. pm me which part you are in yoyoguy4.

I live in Florida

Yay~ We all live in Florida!

You live in FL Trace???

Yeah in Brevard county. C=


<< Florida. Near the Gainesville area.

I’m in Orlando, I know there was or maybe still a group that gets together in Orlando by the college of UCF. Actually on here now to look up that information. If anyone is in Central Florida let me know, looking for some people to learn from!

i live in fla :D, too bad you live like 5 hours north yoyoguy4 :frowning:

where in fla? im in orlando

i live near miami xD

oh your like 5 hours away from me. lol

Just depends how fast you drive :wink:

lol yeah


you guys should come!

There is a yoyo club up in Tallahassee, FL every Sat. from 1-3:00

hey you guys I live in miami fl. ;D ;D

Cape Canaveral