Florida YoYo Club

hey guys! i have been going to a yoyo club meet for like a year and i have seen it grow smaller over time. it was like 15 people but now its like 4 people. i was wondering if anybody in the florida area was interested in attending this club meet. its in Tallahassee, Florida at a store right off of the interstate called Lofty Pursuits. its a yoyo, juggling and skill toy store and an ice cream shop, all in one. its not very big but its a good enough size to fit up to 10+ people. it would be really cool if i had more people come. the former runner of the world yoyo contest, owns this yoyo shop. mr. greg, is normally there, and he has had this shop for a while he just recently moved it to a bigger and nicer spot. they also hold SER (southeast regionals yoyo contest) here at lofty pursuits in the shopping center. if you are interested just pm me and i can give you directions and info on the club meet. it is held every saturday at this store at 1:00pm-3:00 or 4:00pm ish. thanks!


if it were closer i’d go. But i might make it up there to check out the shop one day.