anything in florida?

Anything in florida?

i wish. im in tampa. seems to be yoyo barren. which is ironic cuz worlds is in orlando.

isnt world at florida?

i live in pensicola and i seem to be the only yoyoer for miles around. :’(.i think we should all meet up some time.

im in the orlando fl club

I’m sorry. You can still go to contests though. Your at least in the forums and you get to meet and chat with yoyoers. :wink:

I’m down for joinin the fl yoyo club lol I live here and nobody yoyos but me in my city! It’s not a small world anymore


Where is it in orlando?

I am in florida!

I’m in Brandon. It is really yoyo barren.

No need to have two topics on the same thing, lukerasoft.

I know but no one was answering my other one, so i rephrased it.