florida yoyo contest?

are there any yoyo contest coming near tampa florida soon?

Well worlds is held in Orlando every year, But I’m not sure how far that is from Tampa… And I’m not sure of the exact dates either. So if someone knows the dates for that then you could help us both out by posting it here ;D

orlando is about 2 or three hours from tampa i can go there but i wanted to know if theres any others?

I would guess that there are some around closer to you. I just found at that there has been a weekly club meeting and annual yoyo contest about 20 minutes from my old house for the past 2 or so years (MOYO is what I’m talking about, And of course i found out about it 2 weeks after I move 4 hours away and had just gotten into yoyoing >:( )

I hope you find the info that you are seeking.
I’d say post some more topics on other yoyo sites and just collect data from many sources. That’s what I did and I just found a group of people that throw in Memphis (Which is where I’m moving in two weeks)

dude thanks for telling me to look around i found a yoyo club like 30 minutes from where i live!!! im so happy again thanks for telling me to look around

Any time. And trust me, yoyoing becomes even MORE fun when you have a group of people to do it with.

I’m glad you found a club close to you… And you should try to make it to world this year. I’m going, and even though I’ve never been before I’m extremely excited. I would be even more excited if I lived only 3 hours away… (I’m about 13 from orlando :frowning: )

13 hours from orlando wow thats pretty far ya so i guess ill see you there when is the worlds is it like near the end of the year?

It’s in august… www.worldyoyocontest.com


Yeah, it’s a good drive. My brother in law is stationed about an hour from Orlando though so my friend and I are just going to stat with them so no big deal :wink: .

And as Kyo said it’s in August (I’m guessing that it’s the 13th, 14th and 15th according to the site. But that also says worlds 2009 so that always manages to confuse me :slight_smile: )

The site isn’t up yet for 2010… so it’s showing 2009 dates and information…

I’m sure the new site will be up soon.


There is a competitioon in melbourne mall on feb 27, its like an hour away from where I am at ( orlando). Im not sure how far that is from tampa

Anybody know of any contest’s or clubs around pensacola florida?

there’s a club here in tallahassee. it’s a bit of a drive but we have a huge turn out and there’s a yoyo store here in town. there will also be the capital city contest here in tally the weekend before worlds

So what is the club in Tampa that you said you found?