Iowa State YoYo Contest 2013

I hope everyone had a great time at the fair contest and got a lot of practice.  I’ve been extremely busy this season with attending contests and learning how to judge.  I’m excited to announce this year’s contest, so please see the information below.  I will keep this post as updated as I possibly can and keep announcing new things as they come.

Thank you,


I was just about to post this but then I saw your post :slight_smile: I can’t wait for this event! I’ll be there!


Hey guys, sorry I haven’t updated much lately. I’ve been really busy with work and helping my new roommate move in. I wanted to announce our sponsors for this years contest, so far. We are pleased to have YoYoExpert, Duncan, YoYoJam, CLYW, Square Wheels YoYo Company, G Squared, and One Drop all confirmed as sponsors. I am still talking to a few more possible sponsors for the contest. I’ll be designing and ordering a banner this week.

A good friend of mine who has shot local music videos will be on hand to record the freestyles and I’m really excited for that.

The contest rules will mostly follow those of MWR so for Junior we will be doing 14 and under in the 1A Division and the freestyles will be 90 second. If you’d rather compete in the the main 1A Division please contact me before the contest if you are under 15.

Over the next two weeks I plan on updating more often with information.

See you all soon,

Awww yea. Iowa States!

ill be there

I know it’s unlikely but any vendors?

Does music need to be on an ipod?

or is it ok to bring it on a disc.

Unfortunately none of the sponsors this year were able to make it out to vend. I know of a few sponsored players that will be there that may have new product to sell. A few of us in the Des Moines area are trying to get a toy store to start selling yoyos and supplies and hopefully next year we can get them to sponsor.

Hey Erik,

I’d suggest bringing it on disc and iPod too. The venue is a concert location so I’m pretty sure we’ll have the ability to use disc or have a patch cable to do it off an iPod. I’ll also have my laptop there and if its on a flash drive i can burn it down on a disc.

Also I think I’m going to setup my dropbox to have a public folder tonight for uploading songs.

Ok Ill bring the edited version on a disk and a spare on my ipod

unless i can upload it

Actually… unless things have changed… Seth Peterson from YYF will be there with a few things for sale!

Yesss! I’m just hoping he brings B-Grades…

Just wanted to bump this up in front of everybody’s eyebones for one last ballyhoo before tomorrow’s 2013 Iowa State YoYo Contest.

I know Bryce has endeavored to stepped it up just a bit more again this year with more sponsors and the like despite having a lot on his plate with other life stuff going on. We have a great venue right downtown for this year’s competition. Every thing’s on track for it to be a fantastic day, all we need now is you. So anyone in and around our neck of the woods should absolutely gather their favorite throws in a haversack put forth their most energetic effort to get themselves to downtown Des Moines in the morning.

You don’t have to be an accomplished competitor, I sure ain’t. For some of us it is a great opportunity to be schooled by some very accomplished throwers who also seem to be fairly decent rabble to hang with. Come just as an enthusiast looking to congregate with fellow confreres of yo.

See y’all tomorrow.

It was an awesome day yesterday

I wish the sound guy had been a little better cause he kept messing up the music like fore one freestyle he stopped the song half way through and the player had to do his freestyle all over again

but all in all a fun day!

Thanks bryce

It was a good day! Still think Nehemiah should have scored higher but oh well :stuck_out_tongue: Great first contest and cant wait for illinois states! Does anybody have video from saturday?

Oh and Erik were you the guy throwing around a Primo?

Yes i was


I just like putting name to faces! I was the guy who you were teaching your trick to before results, then you lost your axle :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh you were!