2012 Iowa State YoYo Contest

Due to Adam’s busy schedule he asked me to host this year’s Iowa YoYo Contest.

The contest will be held at
Devine Dancers
2913 Ingersoll Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50312

October 20, 2012

11:00AM - 5:00PM

Music Rules:

Music used for freestyles MUST be clean. No foul language or excessive innuendo. If you are found in breach of this rule the music will be stopped, you will be asked to leave the stage and disqualified from the contest.


Sport Ladder (11 & under) and (12 & up)
Fixed Axle Freestyle
1A Freestyle
Open Freestyle

As of right now we should be fine without prelims.


First Division: $15.00
Secondary Divisions: $5.00
Ladder Divisions: $5.00
Fixed Axle: FREE!
General Admission: FREE!

For more information on who’s going and to RSVP on Facebook you can go here:

If you don’t use Facebook you can always just RSVP here.

More to come:

  • Confirmation on the judges
  • Confirmation on the judging system
  • Official website with registration form
  • If I get 30 registrants lowered initial fee
  • List of exact sponsors for the event

Can’t wait to see everyone there. Sponsors are already being lined up and responding.

I greatly appreciate the information. 1 small question remains. When?

Oh, I see that info snuck in there while me back was turned.

Hey, they’re really serious about this part. They did it to a guy last year and man o’ man was he mad. It’s a shame to because he was doing quite well 'till the music stopped.

It’s like that at pretty much every state competition and regional from my understanding.

Just saw this here. Thanks Bryce!

I’m pumped!

Huzzah huzzah.

I’ll be bringing the Jewfire.

So wish I could go this year! I originally from Iowa, but my family lives in Thailand as missionaries. I’ll be back in Iowa most of the fall (next year). Do you think IA states will happen next year? If so, I’ll be there!

Loved it last year I’m sure it’ll be great again!


Hey banjo spins will you do it I hope so you would probably do great!

I really appreciate your confidence in me my young friend. I went last year. I’m going to try to make it there but only as a spectator. They’d laugh me right out onto Ingersoll if I got up on stage and that’s a busy street.

Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait

Tomorrow is fast approaching… and I’m PUMPED!

Looks like I may get to meet a number of cool YYE people at the contest tomorrow.

Adam, what music sources are you guys accepting (i.e. usb drive, mp3 player, CDs, etc.)?

Hey, I’ll look around for you mrcnja. I’ll be the furry faced, gap toothed fellow walking around with his hands in his pockets. Too embarrassed to throw in front of all the talent.

Uh huh you should at least throw a little you can at least learn a little from them just saying

as far as I know… mp3 and CD… maybe USB???

Bryce is running it this year so he’d have the definitive answer.

Good job to everyone that went today

Banjo please tell. Me you took my advice?

Results/videos, anyone? ;D