2014 Iowa State Fair


Once again it’s that time of year when folks in the Midwest and beyond make their trek to the Iowa State Fair, August 7 - 17. And once again this year the Fair will have it’s annual Yo-Yo Competition. The contest is open to all comers and not restricted to just Iowa residents.

2014 Iowa State Fair Yo-Yo Contest
Saturday, August 16 • 4 p.m.
Registration: 2:30 p.m

Fairview Stage sponsored by Coors Light with media sponsor KCCI 8 News

Rules and Contest Information

  1. The yo-yo must be caught with one hand and not trapped against the body.
  2. If more than five inches of string remains outside the yo-yo when caught, it will be
    considered a miss.
  3. Any throw made while in the trick circle (or box) counts as a try.
  4. You may use any yo-yo of your choice.
  5. No rigging of yo-yos or string allowed.
  6. The judges shall be free to adjust the number of repetitions recommended for
    various tricks based on the level of competency of the contestants.
  7. Loop-the-Loops must be done with feet fixed in one position within the trick circle.
  8. Judges’ decisions will be final and not subject to appeal.
  9. Ribbons will be awarded.


Each contestant will get two tries for each trick. If the trick is completed on the first try, the player will receive five points. If it is completed on the second try, three points.
If the trick is not completed in two tries, zero points. The contestant with the highest score wins; tie breaker will be whoever can do the most consecutive loops.

  1. Sleeper 5. Rock the Baby 9. Jamaican Flag
  2. Forward Pass 6. Loop-the-Loop 10. Eiffel Tower
  3. Walk the Dog 7. Breakaway 11. Man on Trapeze
  4. Around the World 8. Brain Twister 12. …advancing tricks at judge’s discretion

Competition will begin with one minute rounds set to music and will advance to two or
three minutes in the final round. Each round, half of the contestants will be eliminated
(depending on the number of entries, subject to change by discretion of the judges),
leaving the other half to advance to the next round. Judges will score entrants on trick
complexity, trick originality, stage presence, speed, smoothness and style. Contestants shall provide their choice of music for their performance on CD.

NOTICE: All accompaniment deemed inappropriate for an Iowa State Fair stage by the judges, stage crew and contest supervisor shall result in immediate disqualification.


I am glad that I got on the forums when I did! Thanks for posting, I plan to be there.



I’ll be bumping this up from time to time just so it doesn’t escape the notice of anyone who might wanna come out and show off their skills.



Just a couple more days…