Anyone in Iowa.

Anyone in Iowa, particularly Ames area. I feel like a loner watching youtube only doing tricks in front of my computer.

I live in Iowa City, I know Q lives somewhere in Iowa. Adam Brewster lives in Des Moines. Shakeem Anderson lives in Cedar Rapids. And I can’t think of anyone else.

I suppose throwers are pretty rare in Iowa I was hoping for some yoyo or skill toy club at ISU.

YodaGuy5 lives in Des Moines as well. I live in Ankeny as does Q.

If you are sincere is wanting to meet other players, tomorrow grants you the perfect opportunity. There is a yo-yo competition on the Fairview stage at 4:00 at the Iowa State Fair. I strongly encourage you to come on down and just hang out even if you don’t want to compete. CrazyShanky2 is from Michigan and he has made plans to be there. kclejeune from Mini-applesauce said he might try to make it down as well.

The afore mentioned YodaGuy5 and Adam Brewster will be two of our judges. We have another great local yo-yo enthusiast, Rashad, who will be our third judge. (I think Rashad might post here sometimes, I just don’t know his forum moniker.)

If you want to meet other throwers from Iowa you’ll never get a better chance than you’ll have tomorrow! We are expecting some great players to be there. C’mon down, we’d love to meet you.

We’re not that rare. We are around if you look for us. Keep your eyes peeled for the State Competition coming up in October as well.

(You’re right, ISU would be a great place to have a club. With all the peculiar clubs they have on that campus you would certainly think one for yoyoers would be just a viable as many of the others. It just takes one ambitious guy to get one started!),64296.0.html

Aww man I won’t be able to make it to the contest I’m visiting family in the West Point and Burlington Area :stuck_out_tongue:

You should look up Pablo Diaz. He is an aerospace engineer at ISU. He is amazing with a yoyo! He is the one who taught me about modern yoyoing. He is basically my mentor. I would invite you to throw with me, but I graduated last year and left the country…

Unfortunately I wont be able to make it wish I could money’s tight ATM. Hopefully the event gets recorded and put on youtube. On a side note, how would some of you feel like making a monthly meet in Ankeny. I figured its half way between Ames and Des Moines.

Just got back from a very busy day at the fair so I’m not ready to give a solid answer to you about organizing an Ankeny club meet except to say I really like the idea because I live right here. The trouble with trying to organize something like this is it always seems impossible to synchronize everyones schedule for a time that works. I really want to give this some thought though. I’ll run it past a few others and see what they might think. I’m just a small pickle in the jar.

(rawr, thanks so much for mentioning Pablo Diaz. I didn’t know about him myself and he is certainly one to know of and seek out. That’s great! Thanks!)

Well that’s a better answer then a strait up no. Anytime works for me BTW. How did the state fair go. Did lots show and was it recorded.

Admittedly I was hoping for a larger turn-out for the contest yesterday. We only had 7 contestants. However I received comments from the sound crew and others that this year’s talent was just off the charts.

Only seven contestants, but each and every one of them was outstanding!

All the credit for a very successful contest goes to the three judges; Bryce Benton, Adam Brewster and Rashad Nagi.

We were hoping that IPTV would cover this year’s competition but they decided to invest their time elsewhere on the fairgrounds. So no, no video available. Maybe next year.

Wow only 7 I would of liked to known at least 2-3 times more… At least if I would of went. I would of placed top 10.

Lets try to set up a meet. Once a month is better then nothing and if it doesn’t work out at least we tried.

We were thinking of getting with the toy store in Valley West Mall to see if they would host a monthly yoyo club one Saturday a month just so we could have a nice public place to host a club and not get kicked out of the mall for loitering.

I wish I was into yoyoing when I went to ISU, but then again there probably wouldn’t have been many players then. Too bad you aren’t 9 years older or I’m not 9 years younger. I should have never stopped in middle school and then there may have been a club of some sort for you to join now. I know Eric Tranton is part of the University of Iowa Juggling club and they have some yoyoers too.

I haven’t 100% nailed down the location for the contest in October, but have already received some commitments from sponsors while I was at Worlds. I’ll keep you updated on that. We should also have a decent amount of out of state competitors too for you to meet and hang out with. I’ll be awarding top 3 and at least best in state also.

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Although it would be nice to have any kind of meet up at all. I would still prefer it in Ankeny. Valley West Mall is a 40 min drive, but anything at all would make me happy. A couple of nights ago I had a crazy awesome dream… Walmart had a end cap of higher end yoyo’s and people was in the isles throwing. Does Valley West Mall toy store have any good throws? Yoda put age out there so I’ll put my age out there I’m 26.

I understand where you’re coming from reyas9000 when you say Ankeny is a better location for you coming down from Ames. Valley West is no short hike down from ISU. The challenge we are faced with is finding a venue which will accommodate a group standing around throwing yo-yos. That takes a BIG room. There are a few spots here in Ankeny that might facilitate such a gathering but they’re not available for free.

I feel at least at this time central Iowa probably only has enough enthusiasts to undergird one local club. I’ll tell you this, if YodaGuy5 and Adam Brewster get any type of conclave organized I want to be in that club! I’d pay dues to be a part of that fraternity!

Nothing is cut in stone as of right now. Be encouraged knowing your petition for a local club has been heard and there are people, top people, thinking about and working on it.

As for the age thing I’ll just say I myself am considerably past 26. Bryce, Adam and Rashad are much closer to your age. If we can get something rolling I’m intending to haul my entrants from the fair along with me and they are 12 - 14. This is one of the aspects I find so wonderful about throwing. You can gather a group with an 11 year old, some teenagers and young men and some old farts like me and all stand in one circle and the playing field is completely flat with the young kids showing the older guys how it’s done. I’m proud of the fact that our Grand Champion this past Saturday at the fair was a 12 year old…and he earned that trophy!

Ya Good for that 11 yro. Don’t get me wrong though I would still try to show up to any type of group throw in central Iowa. I wouldn’t even care if it was a public park, until it was winter of course. As I see it anything we do to get more people into it would be awesome. I would like to see Iowa a central hub for throwers. Hell even start the next YOYO BOOM. Where to average toy store would have a decent yoyo to throw.