Iowa State YoYo Contest Is Moving!

The official Iowa State YoYo Contest is moving to the spring to be closer to when Minnesota and Kansas run their contests. After talking with some local yoyoers, Andre, and the NYYL we have decided that spring time is a better fit. Especially due to the fall being hectic for most people with school, sports, starting to get cold, and other major contests.

If you still want to get your throw on though, please try to attend the exhibition contest at the State Fair on August 16th. More details can be found on this other forum post by BanjoSpins.,76925.0.html

Adam Brewster (our current state champ), myself and another judge will be there to score Sport Ladder and Advanced Freestyle. I’m not sure if Advanced is just 1A or if you can do any style, but it should be a good time and help promote yoyoing in Iowa. I’ve also decided that the person that wins the Advanced Freestyle will be seeded to Iowa States in the spring.

Last thing, we have started a yoyo club in Des Moines that meets once a month on the first Sunday of the month. The next meeting should be Sept 7 at 1:00pm CST at either Racoon River Park or Colby Park in Des Moines. There is also a North Eastern Iowa YoYo Club that meets every Wednesday for you guys in that region. Info can be found here:,76194.0.html

Hope to see you soon,

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Aahhhhh I was looking forward to going this fall. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I like it better for the spring so I can become better and beat everyone. Hahaha

True but it better not be the same day as MN states or the same month for that matter cuz I don’t really want to prepare to freestyles at once. But I could if I really had to. :-\

just use the same performance twice.

I guess that could work

Is there any new information out there on when Iowa will have their competition this year? I can’t find anything online…