New Hampshire yoyo contest April 20, 2013

While the 20th is too far off for me to really be sure, I think I’ll be making it to this. It’s so close that I honestly can’t see why not unless I have something else on the date.

yeah like I really want to go and meet some of the NH throwers, maybe join the community again. I think that would be a good time to just hang out and enjoy the time I have. I might even try joining the competitions and see what happens, cause I mean why not.

It has been scientifically proven that NH yoyoers are the coolest yoyoers on the face of the earth. 8)
-aka “stealing bpg’s idea”

I shall concur with this statement


aka “totally original gaiz”

Freestyles can be any type. 1a, 2a whatever you want to do.

Little over a month to go!! super excited!!

Me too! It’s going to be great!

Just found out today Eric Koloski will be in attendance for the event. Wow its going to be crazy.

Is this the same club that started In nashua library? Cause if it is me and someone else started it haha, I just stopped going

It is not, 20q234. You should come check it out!


I started that NH yoyo club last April in Manchester. Hope you can make it to some of our events.

Yeah man ill definatly come, I had started somthing with a friend a few years back but I never really kept with it but yeah I’m good with anything

So, is there any pre-registration? or is this more informal?
Any competition fees? ???

Asking for my son who did well at the NER in Mass… ;D

Pre registration should be online this week. It is a little less formal event and there are no fees.

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sounds good.

There is a 98% chance I can be there…

There is a 98.4% chance I’ll be there. (Ya know… lightening strikes, possum attacks, Supreme Court nominations and such…)


I will not make the meet, but Andre Boulay will be there!

As long as we have no obligations to little league my son and should be in attendance.