New Hampshire State Yoyo contest! June 21st!


The NH Yoyo club is hosting the first New Hampshire State Yoyo contest on June 21st. Registration starts at 10am. It is being held at Ste. Marie’s auditorium 286 Cartier st. Manchester, NH. If you have any questions please let me know.

(Former National 4A Champion) #2

What divisions will there be?
How can I register?
Are there prelims?


I really wish I could go to this… :’(




Pick your trick

Sport 1A

Pro 1A

X Division

Register at the door. No prelims!!


Do you know if you will get deducted if you intentionally switch styles in the X-division?


I do not think so… In fact I think that would be pretty cool to see!!! Adam would know better though!


Ok good, if I go I’m thinking of doing double dragon


I just spoke with Adam. Double Dragon is a go!!! Pretty much X division can be whatever you can think of!!!


That would be awesome! Sorry that I haven’t been on much but been super busy. Post questions or contact mgiroux77 and he will get back to you with info. Thanks so much for all the intrest in the event!

(DOGS) #11

Should be making it!


What? Then, I might have to show up for this one. :wink:

Plus, I bet Andre will be there too. ;D


He sure will!!

(DOGS) #14

I’m still not sure if I’m going to compete or not, and what I’d be doing if I did. Does this have any NYYL affiliation for regular 1a? Probably not, I presume.


I said I was going to NER then didn’t, so this time I’m saying I’m not going to NH States…I’ll see you there :wink:


No Pat it does not…

(DOGS) #17

Then regular 1a it is!


Do you have to pre-register? And if so, is there a deadline?


Oh never mind saw the facebook page. The facebook page actually says 7am to 2pm. Is that right?


Will there be a store table (YYE?)?