2012 Virginia State Yoyo Contest

The 2012 Virginia State Yoyo Contest is happening on Jan 7th, 2012! Come join us at the Children’s Museum of Richmond and see performances from some of the biggest names in yoyoing as well as compete for cash prizes!

more info can be found at: http://vastateyoyo.blogspot.com/

I can’t wait!!!

first contest im going canty wait

This will be my first contest as well. Very excited!

this is my first yoyo contest and i dont know wich yoyo routines i whant to enter the 1a division

i want to compete in the 1a division but i have never gone to a contest and when i read about it on forums i still dont get it.
whats the open freestyles
whats the prelims
whats the final freestyles
and which ones do i compete in

It’ll be my first contest as well. I’m not competing but just enjoying. I’m coming up from Portsmouth, VA. Where’s everyone else traveling from?

also, what time does it start on Friday?

I’ll try to make it. I won’t compete but I’m still gonna check it out. (I know nothing about yoyo competitions)
It’s only a 10 minute drive to the museum for me :slight_smile:

Open freestyle is any division that isn’t 1a. Prelims are 1 minute freestyles to determine who gets to perform a 3 minute freestyle in finals. If you want to compete in 1a, you’ll have to do 1a prelims and if you do well enough, you’ll move on to finals.

Registration starts at 10am.

how long is the 1a prelim and 1a final

depends on how many people compete. Prelims will be 1 minute freestyles and finals will be 3 minute freestyles.

What times does registration start?

I was told it started at 10am!

yeah 10am …

btw papaYOYO what is colonyYo about? and who made that va state logo throw? u have any for sale? lol ill buy one off ya in the contest

HAHA, Sorry for the confusion! I started colon yo as an effort to start a yoyo club with some friends. the few that were kinda interested haven’t kept yoyoing. About the VA logo yoyo, that is just a FHZ w/ a va state outline that I edited as a logo for the facebook page. I’d love to get someone to print that logo on my FHZ caps though! If you know anybody who could please let me know. Or maybe I can work on making caps like that as an art project…

So what time are you guys gonna show up to the contest? I’m going to come check it out but I can’t stay the whole 7 hours. But I wanna come when everyone is going to be there so I can meet yall

Should be there by noon. Tall white guy, long hair. Name’s Evan. Who all should I look out for?

ill be there. young asian kid with his uncle and some other kids

then I guess I’ll be there around 10-11. Ill look for yall

do you have to be a virginia resident to be in the contest