VA State YoYo Contest 2011!

2011 Virginia State Yo-yo Contest
Date and Time: January 22nd. 10:00am-5:00pm
Venue: Children Museum of Richmond, VA

Competing Divisions
Beginner Sport Ladder
Sport Ladder
Beginner 1A Freestyle(2 minutes)
Championship 1A Freestyle(2 minutes)
Championship Open Freestyle(2 minutes)

Registration or competitors is $15 for each competitor.
Spectators may enjoy the contest for free.
Raffle tickets will be sold all day. Ticket costs are $2 for 1 ticket and $5 for 3 tickets. You may buy as many tickets as you like. Prizes will be raffled prior to awards announcement. Must be present to win.

How will the VA State Champ be determined?
The VA State champ will be the VA resident who has the highest combined placement in the Championship 1A Freestyle Division and the Championship Open Division. This will make the VA State Champ the most well rounded player.


The general rules for music and stage use apply to all freestyle divisions. Specific considerations for each style of play are toward the bottom of the page.

IMPORTANT: Music must be brought on a CD. No other formats will be accepted. CDs must be labeled with the first and last name of contestant. Each CD is to contain only one track. If you are planning to do multiple freestyles, you will need multiple CDs.

Each competitor shall have 2-minutes to perform a freestyle routine to his or her choice of music for the freestyle finals, and 1-minute for the semi-finals.

The 2-minute (or 1-minute) time period starts when the CD is started by the sound manager.

This schedule is very flexible and may change on the day of the contest based on number of competitors and general contest flow

10:00am to 11pm– Registration - Music CD’s will be accepted at registration
11:00am to 11:30– Beginner Sport Ladder and Sport Ladder
11:30am to 12:00pm - Beginner 1A Freestyles(2 minutes)
12:00pm to 1:00pm – Lunch
1:00pm – Open, 1A Freestyles (2 minutes)
5:00pm – Raffle and Awards Ceremony

Hope to See you All There!  :wink:
-Cody Wright

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Wait, do you have to be a VA resident to win? ???

No, You can come over to VA from Any State! :wink:

i thought it was u can compete any state,but only a Va resident could claim the title. so you could win, but the one with the highest score tht is a resident from Va could get the title

Bump :wink:

Samm Scott got the official ok from the childrens museum.
the contest WILL be held at Rchmonds Children Museum on Jan 22

Sweet Man! :wink:

might have to check it out. Never even seen someone else yoyo besides myself…should be interesting lol

LOL. Man, I cant even Explain to you How Fun and Amazing feeling it is to be at a Contest. Its litterally the Most Fun thing in the World! I would rather go to a Contest then on a Vacation to New York. No Joke. And I LOVE New York. :wink:

im estatic. i will be throwing my heavy cream

I see u got unbanned. Zach u better step up ur game

Step Yo Game Up! Marcus, PSP!

hows ur FS man?
i actually started on mine.
gotta say my friend it has been awesome

mine is ok. i already know u will win :slight_smile: over me

tht is loser talk. letting u know

There is actually a slight possibility of me coming. I’ll have to trek from east PA to make it, but I’m thinking about it. Still haven’t talked to my dad about it though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well i hope u make it. if u can comment to let us know. it be pretty cool to know someone there.

Wellni say that because every day people say To me that i am way worsr then you so and that i am garbage. S i. Rell that you will win everyone else. Thinx so

the first part made sense. you just need to learn to get over it and do ur best. ppl can say w/e they want.

ok so the last part of ur comment made no sense whats so ever. plz explain what u said. (its the bold section

i said eevery one says you will win because im garbage so i end up believing it