Official 2010 Virginia State Yo-yo Contest Thread

Finally we are ready for the official posting. To those who have been waiting patiently for this thank you.

First off let me say that the official contest website is Here you will see all of the “Official” info. Don’t let rumors get the best of you.

Secondly keep this thread open for official contest announcements, not contest hype chatter. Thanks in advance for that.

Now for contest info:

2010 Virginia State Yo-yo Contest
Date: May 22, 2010
Children’s Museum
2626 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23220-1904
(804) 474-7000
Contest Website:
List of divisions: 1A, Open, and Sport Ladder(0-9, 10-19, 20-29, and 30+ age brackets)
Is the event going to be AYYA sanctioned? Yes
Name(s) of the judge(s): Ed Haponik, Samm Scott(Last Year’s VA State Champ), stilllooking for others.

This year we are changing how the VA State Champ will be decided. In years past it has been the VA resident who places highest in 1A Freestyle Division but this year and probably in future years the VA State Champ will be the VA resident who has the higest combined placement in all divisions. That is the highest placement in 1A, Open, and Sport Ladder divisions. We want our champion to be the most well rounded player.

Another change we are making to this year’s contest is the VA State Champ from the previous year will be asked to judge the current year’s contest. This way we keep the VA State Champ different each year.

Freestyles will be 2 minutes in length. As always keep your music family friendly. We don’t need your music til the day of the even but we will take it during registration. I believe we are still going to try to have a non-yoyoer judge for performace judging of freestyles, details follow about that.

Sport Ladder will be run like the past couple of years where you will choose the order you perform the trick list giving yourself the best chance to complete more tricks.

No info on how much registration will be for this year but I imagine it will be the same as previous years. I do know we will not be having preregistration this year like we have in past years.

I will be posting a full schedule of events and more details on the website. This is going to be a great year for yo-yoing so come on out to the Richmond Children’s Museum on May 22 and be a part of the action.

Updates today. Keep up to date on all info at Thanks for your suggestions.


Just a reminder that VA States is this Saturday! See you all there. Visit for full contest details.


Full results are posted.

Also added another request for video and photos.