VA States

Does anyone know when Va States are?

Richmond. Usually held in January

yep so get your routine together now!!!

Is there a confirmed contest yet or is it just “usually in January.”

its just usually in January generally its late January around the 22nd my guss this year it will be the 17th or 24th this year

i was wondering myself, i suck at detective work, i had off for it last year,not to compete but just to go, and someone quit at work,so he ruined it for me XD so ima try again and go this year, lets hope.

good luck! it was a fantastic time for me last year.

But it hasn’t been confirmed yet :-\

yeah but its an educated guess.

They just announced it on Facebook.

Jan. 17, 10am-5pm. Children’s Museum of Richmond.

I’ll be there

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yes!!! time to plan the trek down to VA!!!

BTW what FB page was it on i can’t find it…

Here you go.

I’ll try to make it.

thanks!!! and

i hope you make it tooo!!! its one of my favorite competitions (then again its my only one!) ;D

me and my lil bro should be there, hope to see you guys there,will be both of our first competitions. so i hope to have a good time and hope that he has a great time so he’ll always come back with me.

awesome hope to see you there cause my mom said i can go!!!

So I guess I’ll finally meet a girl who yoyos.

i feel ya man,not too many of them.

and to add to the rarity abby is a lefty…so think about it a girl lefty thrower… very rare once in a lifetime chance of seeing this abnormality get your tickets now…

I don’t know whether to laugh or shake my head. You make it sound like she’s a freak show attraction.