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Are there seats for people to sit in during the competition? Do you have to stand the entire time? How does the competition last? Do you have to buy tickets or set up a reservation? What other things happen during this event?

  1. Yes there are seats
  2. Self explanatory if there’s seats
  3. It generally goes to the designated time 5pm sometimes it ends a little earlier you don’t all you have to do is is show up to the competition however if you want to compete you have to pay.
  4. All kids of stuff trading, learning tricks, talking, there’s generally some kind of booth to buy yoyos, trying other people’s yoyos, and everything you can imagine that would happen at a competition.
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like i said ive never attended a competition b4 so this was cool to read XD

well your in for a big treat then! BtW if you want to see what last years was like my buddy Rex made an awesome recap of the contest:

I’m going… Really been practicing my Prelims… Hope I make finals

Perkins is only a minute set to random music. Not sure how you can practice for it but, okay. Also not mNy people unsponsored go into finals it’s generally the same people from YYJ, YYF, and Werrd.

Like putting tons of tech in 1 min.

Was there last year so I know how difficult it is to make finals… Placed 10th in MAR so eh.

just watch some clips of the contest last year, ive been watching them since janurary(cuz i was suppose to go) so it was my way of “being there” by continuously watching the clips XD.there were some pretty good runs,Ky sizan was there ( i think he placed 3rd) Tyler mcallumore he 1st place, i feel like kurtii was there…not sure though XD,point being there was some straight skill/talent there last year.

Abby, I promised John Chow 1/2 a year ago that I would make finals… So I better… :wink:

then you better! BTW i will be there filming freestyles so if any of you want anything filmed lemme know!

Does John Chow still yoyo?

yeah. he does. I saw him at NER.

Is he still repping YYF?

idk but you can find out at VA state.

thats pretty cool of you, you gonna throw together a compilation vid for the contest?

I don’t know I suck at editing. so I will probably will just film my freestyle and some others ones if some one wants me to film there’s.