Va State Yoyo contest info and roll call

Virginia state yoyo contest will take place on January 17th at the Children’s museum of Virginia.
1a prelims will be 1 minute with random song and 3 minute final where you submit the music at the contest; same for open.

Prices for registering will be $10 for open and $15 for 1a.

So who’s coming?

90% sure me and my lil bro are gonna make it, cant wait!!

I’ll be there. My third year. It’s always a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

Ill be there! andI’m bringing a friend who got into throwing about a month ago.

I will go hopefully but some cousins are coming from Colorado that same weekend apparently so we will see how it plays out. (most likely I will because my parents can’t stand my aunt she’s like unbelievably OCD and heartless she called my brother fat one time.)

I should be there. If you have trouble finding me, just look for the coolest 90’s inspired haircut. That’ll most likely be me. :wink:

I’ll definitely be there, I’ll be the guy in the sorry yoyo co shirt with dreads lol

I will be there with a Pulsar T-shirt on. :slight_smile:

its official i am going!!! i will be bringing all my yoyos (and i have some good ones in there) Plus im going donw for the day!!! and it will be awesome!!!

I will be there. Look for the floundering pre-lim.

hahaha! probably the same with me but, i have gotten really good over the past year so hopefully i will place higher than 20th which, is what i got last year.

I will be there running the YoYoExpert Booth!!! ^0^/

Come by and say Hello!..and show me your Bestest Trick!!! : )


the i most certainly will been working on some new stuff anyways.

Ill be there supporting TSYC!

sweet been wanting to try a TSYC anyways!!!

Well I won’t be making it, unless my car magically fixes itself.

That is highly unfortunate. is there a way the car get fixed? Also is there a way to carpool with someone?

I am short on $$$ atm.

what part of VA are you from? if its the northern part then maybe i can talk to my dad about taking a small detour to pick you up cause i am coming from MD.

I’m in Nc