VA states info?

Hey all,
Earlier this year I was thinking about competing in VA states. Due to me getting in some trouble I didnt think I would be around during January. But now my next court date is in February. So I am considering entering the contest.

I have a few questions,
Where is the information for it? Did I already miss signing up? If not, where could i sign up?

Thanks in advance.

as for me i am just wondering when the date is however for signing up and such you do it at the contest its is free to observe but it cost i think if i remember correctly $15 to enter in each division plus trick ladder each.

Ahhh i have to do a trick ladder to enter? :frowning:

nope it just cost $15 to enter in those divisions trick ladder is separate.

hey you guys,

no official details has been set in stone for VA states. Any news of the contest will be officially posted in this thread RVA yoyoers


thanks man i appreciate it!

sorry. link wasn’t working. fixed it

Va state is on jan 11th at the children’s museum in Richmond.


you sure about that i haven’t heard any news about it.

Yes … It’s all over FB

Thanks Nivo.
been Busy at work to post. please go to RVA YoYoer’s thread for official announcement.