VA States Anyone?

Who all’s coming to VA States and who’s planning on competing?
I’ve been planning on competing then for a while now, but don’t expect too much :wink:


I wish I could but its on the dates of a youth trip I have already paid for

where’s registration and details?

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Gonna attend one of these days but not this year. Went to college in Richmond and still have a few friends there so it would be a great addition to a trip but dates haven’t lined up yet.

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Registration is at the venue and detail are either on the Facebook page or the website (I’ll look up the exact locations in a little bit)

The contest is on January 4th at (I think) the Virginia Science Center

Still debating for myself but here’s the announcement thread with more details!

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I will be there! It’s a great contest, has been the past 3 years that I’ve attended.

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