Official Tennessee State Yo-yo Contest *** Full Results Posted ***

Come out to the Adventure Science Center in Nashville, TN on Sept. 11th to the 4th Annual Tennessee State Yo-yo Contest! Visit the website for all the details! Also visit our event page on Facebook

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We want to thank yoyoexpert for confirming to be an official sponsor of the 2010 TN state yo-yo contest.

I should be there! 9 hour drive :stuck_out_tongue: I might bring my cousin and he may compete in 4a, btw, hes been yoyoing for 5 days and he does whips and stuff, he only does 4a, cant even do 1a. Is it open divison or seperate?

Time to fill you in on some of the details of the upcoming contest, so much to tell!

Let’s start with the Divisions:
1A and Tennessee Resident- Players fight to become a true yo-yo warrior in 2 minute freestyles.
2A/3A- Bust out 2 minutes of your finest two handed throwing.
Open- Everything goes (within reason… this is a family event)
Beginner Freestyle- Players with less than a year of experience take the stage for the first time in a 1 and a half minute freestyle.
Sport Ladder- Go down the trick list and see how far you can go. You can’t compete here if you are freestyling.

There will be vendor on site to fulfill your yo-yo needs bring cash to support your habit and help the company continue to help contests like us. Also, contest edition Freehand 2!

Cash prize! That’s right back by popular demand a $500 cash prize is up for grabs. This year it will be broken down $300 for the 1A warrior and $100 each for Open and 2A/3A winners.

Admission for competitors will be $15 and spectators are $9 all paid to the Adventure Science Center at the front desk day of the contest.

Schedule for the contest is as follows: (subject to change)
10am- 12pm Registration (Sport ladder and beginner division ending at 10:45)
10:30-11:30 Sport Ladder
11:30-12:00 Beginner Freestyle Division
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-1:30 2A/3A Division
1:30-1:40 Break
1:40-2:30 Open Division
2:30-2:40 Break
2:40-4:10 1A Division
4:10-4:30 Break/Raffle
4:30-5:00 Awards

Don’t forget to visit the website for contest rules and other fun information!

Will they be selling yoyos and can I bring my
collection to trade?

yes and yes

I was wondering if we bring music for beginner freestyle? And if theres a prize?

yes and yes. Music can be provided if necessary. 1:30 minutes, make sure it is clean.

is there any videos from last years winners from that division. I have been yoyoing for 5 months and i got 19th out of 24 in the normal contest at ohio states so idk if i should do beginner or novice

We didn’t have a beginner division last year. Find me at the contest and ask.

oh, sorry, i meant beginner or normal freestyle :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright guys its getting down to the wire. The contest is this saturday and I have a bit of information here so listen up.
First I want to thank our sponsors for being sooooo generous.
Shout out to:
That guy
Foxland Precision
barking spider

If you haven’t heard, we are having a beginner division. If you have been yo-yoing for less than 12 months you can enter the beginner freestyle division. Bring 1:30 minutes of freestyle music and battle against your peers for special prizes.

Duncan will have a table selling products. And we will have a table selling very limited number of yoyofactory products including protostars, starlites and glow dienasties along with cool TN State edition FH2’s and awesome Foxland precision yo-yos.

We will also be having a raffle for some really special yo-yos that you will not find in stores yet.

If you are planning on arriving the night before, we will be hosting a cookout at my house. Let me know if you plan on attending the cookout so we can have at least a somewhat accurate headcount for food. pm me or send an email to Address: 8650 Old Charlotte Pike, Pegram, TN, 37143.

After the contest most people will head over to our traditional post contest gathering place, San Antonio Taco Co. It is located nearby at 416 21st Ave. South
Nashville, TN, 37203.

After a couple questions about the raffle, here’s what you need to know.
Tickets will be sold the day of the contest at our table.

Prices are:
1 ticket for $2
3 tickets for $5

Yo-yos that are confirmed to be in the raffle are:
1 Werrd Green Pacquiao (Only available at YoYoExpert)

2 YoYoFactory NorthStars (not available in stores)

A few custom Tennessee State Yo-yo Contest Duncan FH2

Yo-yos will be raffled off individually.

Here are the results from the contest. We would like to thank our judges Randy Jansen, Steven Kinder‎, Brandon Jackson, and Samm Scott.

1A Results

Place Players Name Overall Score

1 Gee Cheung 80.85
2 Samm Scott 78.21
3 Uri Gottschalk 69.94
4 Alex Curfman 64.06
5 Harold Owens 63.15
6 Chandler Franco 62.78
7 Andrew Robinson 57.19
8 Zach Ball 51.64
9 Brandon Cole 50.94
10 Thomas Sloan 48.72
11 Charlie Byers 43.53
12 Thomas Pierson 39.49
13 Isaac Boehman 35.36
14 Tyler Noblitt 32.21
15 Joey O’Brien 30.97
16 Zach Smith 29.71
17 Kyle Maxwell 25.80
18 Aaron Hassler 11.80
19 Tyler Mello 7.69

2A/3A Results

Place Players Name Overall Score

1 Steven Kinder 77.92
2 Kyle Maxwell 72.69
3 Alex Curfman 60.59
4 Uri Gottschalk 33.55
5 Isaac Parris 28.88

Open Results

Place Players Name Overall Score

1 Samm Scott 85.00
2 Uri Gottschalk 56.06
3 Brandon Cole 44.27
4 Gee Cheung 40.92
5 Tyler Noblitt 21.20
6 Charlie Byers 17.69
7 James So 16.88
8 Joey O’Brien 13.65
9 Chase Baxter 9.27
10 Tyler Mello 0.42

Tennessee State Resident
1st Chandler Franco
2nd Thomas Pierson
3rd Zach Smith

Beginner Freestyle
1st Marshall Nye
2nd Chase Baxter

Sport Ladder
1st Logan Piper
2nd Matt Warren
3rd Frank Christiansen