2012 TN State yo-yo contest


Hey guys,

In just less than a week we will be hosting the 2012 TN state yo-yo contest in Nashville. We are so sorry for the late organization for this contest. We are excited to have yoyoexpert as a sponsor again this year. This year we will be having the contest at Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, TN. This is the busiest Mall in middle TN and will be the best opportunity for putting yo-yoing in the public light in front of thousands of people throughout the day.

I hope we can get as many people there as possible.

Our sponsors include:

Foxland Precision Yo-Yos

Square Wheels Yo-Yo Company

Please visit our contest website http://www.yoyonashville.com/ for full details.

If you plan on competing, please go ahead and preregister by going to the “pre-register” tab at the top of the site.

I hope to see everyone there!!!

Mark Allen


I’ll be there!


Is InfIll sponsoring?
Will they have a table, or will YYE? Or neither?


II do not appear to be sponsoring this year, and I would not count on a YYE Table, as awesome as it would be!

Can’t wait for saturday!


I’m having a hard time finding the time of the contest on the website.


Taken from the event page on FB


Hey guys, TN state yo-yo Contest happened yesterday and it was AWESOME!!

Jessie and I really appreciate everyone that came out and put on a great show for the people of Nashville. There were massive crowds watching the final freestyles. I want to thank yoyoexpert for sponsoring at the bronze level as well as Square Wheels and Yomega. At the Silver level we want to thank, DUNCAN, WERRD and FOXLAND PRECISION.

We will hopefully have videos up soon. For now here are the full results:
‎2012 TN State Yo-Yo Contest Results!
TN State Resident
1 Jeffrey Knox
2 Chandler Franco
3 Matt Warren

1A Results
1 Stecz, Michael 96.67
2 Byers, Charlie 78.24
3 Foley, Arthur 71.31
4 Robinson, Andrew 68.60
5 Knox, Jeffrey TN 66.29
6 Franco, Chandler TN 63.22
7 Fairhurst, Alex 60.10
8 Warren, Matt TN 55.45
9 Riggs, Slade 48.91
10 Overstreet, Jared 47.00
11 Swincher, Stanley 42.55
12 Morton, Alex 38.95
13 Gillespie, Kendall TN 37.76
14 Smith, Zach TN 37.37
15 Hill, Cody 34.55
16 Willis, Tanner 32.91
17 Hitchell, Brett TN 31.65
18 Mello, Tyler TN 27.05
19 Eddins, Hank TN 16.60

Open Results
1 Robinson, Jonathan 98.57
2 Robinson, Andrew 68.72
3 Riggs, Slade 53.99
4 Foley, Arthur 39.11
5 Mello, Tyler 10.61

Two Handed Results
1 Jackson, Brandon 95.00
2 Robinson, Andrew 53.10
3 Foley, Arthur 41.85

Novice Results
1 Edmonds, Cole 100.00
2 Bass, Gerald 72.49
3 Pena, Michael 67.90

Cant wait for next year.


Hey Mark,
Thanks to you and Jesse for a great contest and a fun time. Do you know when you might have the freestyle videos up?