2009 Tn State Yo-Yo Contest In 10 Days!

Hey Everyone!

This years contest is right around the corner! On Saturday September 12th from 10am to 5pm at Adventure Science Center in Nashville! We have received sponsorship from the most popular yo-yo manufacturers to ensure this years prizes are way awesome. This years contest has a 500$ CASH PRIZE as well for the winner of the 1A division!

The admission price is 9$ for spectators, and 15$ for competitors. Both admissions include admission into Adventure Science Center!

The contest will be judged by Ed Haponik, And Felix Avellana! With a third yet to be announced judge.

Vendor Tables
We will have several vendor tables for you to purchase goods from! Please bring cash, as most will not be accepting credit cards.
The Vendor Tables are:

* Duncan Toys (Yo-Yos, String, Accessories)
* Save Deth (Yo-Yo Related Clothing, DVDS, Accessories)
* Foxland Precision YoYos (Nashville Based Yo-Yo Manufacturer)
* YoYoGuy.com (Yo-Yos, String, Accessories, Yo-Yo Related Clothing)

Pre-Contest Barbecue
Mark Allen and his family are hosting a pre-contest barbecue at their house on Friday the 11th. For Info/Directions please contact Mark at m.allen132@gmail.com . Emailing him will let him know how many people plan to come.

Hope to see everyone on the 12th!

Brandon Jackson
2009 Tn State Yo-Yo Contest Organizer

I am so gonna be there!!! CANT WAIT!!! ;D ;D ;D

Already got my hotel for Friday night!

I may stop by the BBQ too

Me gonna be there I LIVE IN TENNESSE!!!

By the way my real name is marcus c ya there

I live like, twenty minutes away from the Adventure Science Center(of Museum, whichever it is these days). But, I have soccer games that day and unfortunatly, I can’t go…