Celebrate NYYD In Nashville Tn at the Adventure Science Center Tomorrow~!

(Brandon Jackson) #1

Hey everyone!
Tomorrow is National Yo-Yo Day!
I wanted to remind everyone that we’ll be celebrating at the Adventure Science Center In Nashville Tn tomorrow from 11am-4pm.

Some of you have asked if there will be an admission fee. Yes. The admission will cost $11 for adults/teen (age 13+) and $9 for age 3-12. This admission will not only be getting you into the NYYD event, but also entry into the Adventure Science Center.

There will be a trick contest at 2pm. Prizes will be awarded to the winners!

I need volunteers to help with the event. Volunteers will help with teaching tricks to beginners, and other various tasks throughout the day. If you would like to volunteer, and get FREE entry into the event, please contact me.

For More Info/Directions please visit http://www.adventuresci.com

Brandon Jackson



National Yo-Yo Day? Sounds cool. Every country should have one. And that poster is AWESOME. ;D