Pictures from NYYD at the Adventure Science Center In Nashville..

Hey everyone!
The National Yo-Yo Day event at the Adventure Science Center was truly a success. We had demos, taught beginners, had Diabolo Demos, and even had a mini yo-yo Contest with a beginner division, and expert Division.

Major thanks to Duncan, and the Adventure Science Center for sponsoring the event.

Wow, that looks awsome!!!

Oh! I almost forgot the Mini-Contest Results…

Beginner Division:
1st: Chandler Bauder
2nd: Ibrahim Ezzeir
3rd: Gavin Fitch
4th: Jeffrey Arnold

Expert Division:
1st: Chandler Franco
2nd: Shawn Dickerson
3rd: Logan Piper
4th: Zach Smith
5th: Joey Dement

wow its look cool!