Texas state yo-yo contest!


What’s happenin’ everyone?!

This is Ben from Texas and It’s OFFICIAL!!

The Texas State Yo-Yo Contest is coming up Feb 9th, 2019 in Austin, Texas.

Check out the yoyocontest.com page —> https://yoyocontest.com/texas/

Check us out on Facebook! —> https://www.facebook.com/texasyoyocontest

I’ll update here as more develops. Hit me up on Facebook with any questions you may have, and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

I’m looking forward to meeting anyone and everyone who can make it.


EDIT: Registration is available at https://yoyocontest.com/events/2019-texas-state-yo-yo-contest/ - Early Registration perks are available, so register today!!

({John15}) #2

Dude! I really want to come to this!


You should!! It’s gonna be an awesome time!

({John15}) #4

I live about 4.5 hours away, so I’ll have to figure out a hotel situation. Do you live in that area?


I do not… there are a few locals that are helping me with organization and logistics. There are several people getting airbnb’s to stay the night. I’ll most likely be driving in as I have a daddy daughter dance the night before… I’m in Abilene.

({John15}) #6

Oh hey, I’m in Snyder lol

Yeah man, I hope I can see you there!


Shoot! You should come throw with us Sunday the 20th. Or maybe we can plan something in Sweetwater.


Poll posted on Facebook… Check it out! Let me know your thoughts… https://www.facebook.com/texasyoyocontest

For y’all non-Facebook folk…

  • $12 game card for $10 added to competitor costs? Heck Yes!
  • $12 Game card for $10 added to competitor costs? Um… NO!!

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This will be strictly for the competitors. General Admission is probably going to be $5 or Free if you purchase a T-Shirt via pre-sale. I haven’t quite decided. If you have an opinion, please let me know. This is my current conundrum ATM.

({John15}) #9

Aww shoot, I’m not on fb anymore :confused:

({John15}) #10

Is there going to be a cover charge for non competitors?


I’m not on FB either (not sure why I felt compelled to bring it up) but I think I might try to get up there from H-Town

(Spinworthy Glen) #12

So nice to know other people on the forums here don’t have Facebook. I’m considered a bit of a weirdo here in Australia for not having it.

High fives to you guys that don’t!:boom:

(Spinworthy Glen) #13

@smileypants707 do you ever sleep??

Get some shut-eye, mate! You know the kids will give you grief in the morning!


updated the post directing to FB - answered a question you asked too… sorta.


Updated the post redirecting to FB.

({John15}) #16

That sounds totaly reasonable to me

({John15}) #17

Also, question: will there be [yoyo] vendors there?


Oh yeah! All gold and Platinum level sponsors have the option to sell, and Silver level sponsors will have product for a “Try Me” Table. https://yoyocontest.com/texas/sponsors

Gold Level sponsors that HAVE confirmed (so far still working to confirm from others) that they will have product for purchase at the event:
GSquared, SF, Unspoken, YoYoFriends

And our Platinum Sponsor - RevPunx, will have some cool stuff on hand, product to purchase and some other perks only they get.

({John15}) #19

Goodbye my wallet :sob:

({John15}) #20

I have insomnia, it is difficult for me to sleep. It’s part of having ADHD, my mind just won’t stop running even if my body is physically tired