Anyone know anything about yo yoing in TEXAS!!!


I live in Texas and as far as i know nothing yo yo goes on here at all if anyone one has info on clubs or tournaments in texas it would be very appreciated. :


im a texan!! dallas area.
sorry i got no info…

   Well thanks anyway i live in lubbock so... TEXAS RULEZ!!!!!!!!


There’s a Texas States yoyo contest that’s been in Austin the last few years. As far as a club or something, I’m not sure, but I bet that you could find some people to meet up with.


There’s always SCR coming up that should be around the Dallas area…


there is a texas state yoyo contest and south central regionals (SCR)

TX state is in austin and has already passed this year but SCR is in a week or to in Dallas

there arent that many yoyoers in texas though


i live in austin ;D


I am almost definitly going to scr! woot!


2 days! the location is confirmed. its at a library




hit me up i like in killeen


Wow! 3 other yo-ers from the houston area. Im not alone :smiley:


I too hail from a suburb of H-town!


Richmond Represent ;D


San Antonio here! I think I’m the only yo-yoer in the whole city


Look at dates >.>


Texas kind of has its own set of rules. Don’t mess with Texas!

(I’m not from Texas and have only passed through there)



ok, i THINK thats the shortest there is… can we have an “official studio42 short posts” thread? :slight_smile:




Wait, that doesn’t count!