Any yoyo-ers in Texas want to have a meet?

So SCR is coming up in less than 2 months, do we have any reps from Texas?! I’m way to old (IMO) to compete, but have a lot of experience judging and coaching. I think it would be great to have a meet and see if we can encourage someone to compete for Texas. If there’s already someone going we could have a meet to better hone their routine and prepare anyone that is planning on going. That would be awesome! I’m thinking DFW or perhaps in Austin? I live in West Texas, and I doubt anyone is willing to drive all the way here, but hosting isn’t hard with the right amount of interest. Let me know and I’m sure we can throw something together by the end of the month/beginning of Aug.


Hey! I wasnt sure if I was going this year but if I can I will for sure. Ive been wanting to meet some other yoyoers from texas as well. Also I live in west texas as well.

When is SCR, just asking. We have some throwers (about 5-7) just in San Antoinio, and I know houston has e few, from the other site that shan’t be named.

Im pretty sure its like Aug 25th

im in SA and would be down to meet up anywhere is SA or Austin, me and a buddy of mine could definitely make the trip. Anyone who wants to throw in sa just pm me, I have not had any luck finding anyone in the SA scene

Theres a good group of us, just not on this forum, sadly. If anyone needs to know about SA meets, you can always pm me. We are having another one soon, and we planned ahead ont his one, so we should have some peeps showin up.

hey Im a yo yoer and I was just wondering where you get info on contests