*"SCR"* (South Central Regionals)

Shot down by the parks and recreation dept. I give up. I need help. If this keeps happening then I’ll just have it in OKlahoma. I am trying for all of you texas throwers.


Do you have any idea of somewhat of where the location will be , i live in GA

I can only say that it will be in the dallas area. That could mean any of the smaller towns around Dallas. More than likely on the north side of Dallas.

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I really want to go to SCR this freaking time.
Anyway there can be someone to like…pick me up from the dallas airport?

I’m sure someone can!! I can find out and let you know brother! A place to stay on the other hand I have no idea. lol I’m sure that can be arranged though. Maybe Larry K can help you in that area.


Dallas? Awesome! I can certainly go, unless there is a drastic change of plan. ;D

It will be in the DFW area for sure.

Bump for recognition.

I doubt I’ll be able to go, but who knows.

Any chance I would be able to come down to OKC and hitch a ride with you guys, Casey?

Well DUH!!!

What kind of merchandise will be sold there?
Everything from Yoyoguy?

Oh crap. I forgot to remove that. That store will not be there. After the mall wanted to charge me $1200 for some space for a day they decided that the foot traffic wasn’t enough to warrant having a table. Next year will be a different story though. We are going to try to make enough money with this contest and a few other things, We should have it in the mall next year!

awww man, im not going to texas until august 16th :frowning: and im in mcallen when i go, too bad, i found out that last time i went to texas was the same day as a texas yoyo contest that i missed out on but it was like 5 hours away

if it is in ten days how is the location still unconfirmed???

Sad isn’t it. Haha.

yes very sad :’( if it keeps going like this then what? either a contest where nobody shows up because they know about it too late or will it be delayed or will there not be a contest? (nine days left)

Contest postponed till a suitable location. is found. We will make sure that there is enough time for everyone to find out about it. I could just have it in a park but the wind and humidity would play such a disastrous part that I don’t think it would be fun at all. I want more kids to see this hobby/sport. If it happens after worlds then so be it. I want everyone that attends to have fun. Not complain about the conditions. Please accept my apologies in this matter. Me and my team of friends are working hard to resolve this location problem.

This is where we will have the comp. Please look at the store page for the address.


same time and schedule and date???