start a texas yoyo contest?

i am thinking of restarting the texas yoyo contest but the location would most likely be in houston . a couple locations possible for the here in houston are the george r brown convention center , reliant center . so far those are possible locations for the contest as of right now . i need to find people who are willing to help me organize the contest , and setup and possible website or social media page and to maintain those media outlets.

if interested message me on here.
come on texas yoyoers i know yall are out there. lets get texas back on the yoyo map .

A contest in Texas isn’t out of the question, but you’re going to have to think a LOT smaller venues… those are high end convention venues, talking $10k and up for space like that.

A contest in Texas is more along the lines of a community center type location.

There are quite a few players in Texas still, but we’re massively disorganized… Houston, Austin, and Dallas all have players in the area though.

In any case, I have little interest in organizing something like that, but I’ll judge if somebody gets it together, and helping sponsor it isn’t out of the question.


i was looking into what you said and i found a venue that would work . its name is the berry center ,and it has a hall that has a stage and is big enough for any tables that companies or shops would setup . it is also a much cheap venue and has enough space for a contest and for a decent amount of people

Hello! My name is Colton.

Im from Dallas TX and i would love to help put something together!
I am 18 years old and I do Taekwon-do and i’ve been yoyoing for a little while now and i am VERY interested in competing!

i’ve been competing in Taekwon-do for a long time so i know a lot of people that have knowledge about venues and things like that!

i could make a Facebook page and stuff like that if you need me too!

I would really love to see a tournament and or a club in the D.F.W.

you can contact me on Facebook!(i don’t get on yoyo expert that much)
its : Colton mcneely
im the guy with the space sweater on in the profile pic!

I agree, we need a contest in Texas. How about the DFW area? Maybe think of doing a outdoor contest?

I’m in central Texas. DFW area sounds good to me. Austin would be a good choice too. Houston’s kinda extreme southeast, though I’d still go.

I’ve never been to a yo-yo contest before but I used to do video game tourneys with around 200 people and a lot of the time the tourneys were just in some random church.

I might be willing to help organize. Depends heavily on location and date.

By the way, are there are any yo-yo clubs in Texas? I was going to make a thread about it but saw this one.

I live about 30 mins from Dallas. I have wanted to compete for quite a while now, but there arent any contests for hundreds of miles around. :frowning: If you started this, i would do a lot to help.

If there is still interest in this I’d love to help. Not a competitor, but I could help organize. I’m in Dallas, so DFW would be awesome, but probably need to see where the greatest concentration of would-be competitors live so that turnout is highest.

But first things first–who wants to get together in DFW for a meetup?

If we could get various clubs started (to the extent there are none at the moment) in DFW, Houston, Austin, SA, etc., and have the clubs start talking to each other, we might be able to pull off something cool. After clubs start talking, it would probably be a good idea to get the NYYL involved to see what guidance they could give.

get yoyo factory to help their headquarters is in Phoenix Arizona. They already set up Contests in Arizona.

Well… there’s a big thing called New Mexico between Arizona and Texas, and YYF is actually in Chandler.

Also, I don’t think YYF has sponsored a single US tournament since Duncan asked them to stop with 5A.
So good luck with that.

I am a utdallas student, and I would love to compete. :smiley:

Well this sounds exciting to bad i moved out of the area last year… i may go back for that though.

im down for helping sponsor, organize if its in Houston. I can provide some kind of prize package as well. I know a couple of people to help.

also, the bill liebowitz classic has an excellent contest format. its a little out of the ordinary, which is why I think it would work excellent for TX.

here’s a link :

shoot me a message, if you want we can start planning for spring break.

The things of big concern that would be needed:

JUDGES (I say 3, kyle being one, im sure he could point us in the direction of the others)
SPONSORS (not too hard)
PRIZES (Even easier)
EXCELLENT LOCATION (FREE and somewhere that’s public enough to alert any media to the contest is great)

all the other stuff shouldn’t be too hard to get, banners, media, social media organizing.
ive got an amazing graphic designer in mind to create the contest logo.
and I don’t mind designing and hosting a page on my website that we can redirect to.

Edit: kyle let me know if ive forgotten anything important here.

also, years ago, Leo Qin posted a amazing article about organizing and hosting contests and clubs on the Old YYN forum, it should be archived…

if this sounds good to anyone else, let me know, and ill get on organizing this event.

Sounds good.

Maybe between you guys in Houston, and us up in DFW we can at least try and get something going.

Why do i get this sudden urge to visit my grandma in Garland just so i can go?.. :stuck_out_tongue:

So you can come see me in Garland. :smiley:

would Austin be a better contest location? (than Houston)

its about an equal drive. just location really, I think Austin will provide more venue options

Might even be worth it to look at some smaller cities that are off the interstate, like Hillsboro, Corsicana, Temple, Salado, West etc. They might be able to get you a better deal on a location.