NC States 2015

Will there be one?

If we in the area can get the backing for it… we will try

I hope there will be, I’d love to come and be there or help out. I live in Charlotte where the last State Yoyo Contest was

Hope this can happen!

well we need sponsors a place to meet a stage stereo system…etc.

If any of you guys know of ways to get this stuff post… and see if we can get sponsors.

You could rent some of those things.

You could also go around and find local businesses that would possibly sponsor and then get a program going, then ask for yoyo sponsors.

Hit up Kevin Markie. He lives in Charlotte, and owns klack kendamas. See if you can coordinate an event with him, like the contest in 2013.

j singh since it seems like you know more about him why don’t you hit him up real quick.

Well just saying if there are any companies that see this and want to help it would be greatly appreciated…

try setting up the contest at a local children museum or school that would be willing to give you the space for the VA state yoyo contest they did it at a children museum.

okay i know a guy who has some sway at Sandhills outdoor mall in Columbia, South Carolina… we could call it the Contest of the Carolinas instead of North Carolina state.

i may be able to get a few local toy stores to sponsor it and there is this guy who own a ice cream store where i have been way to many times might work with us if we do it near him.

Sounds excellent, I’d go (especially if your guy brings and Ice Cream truck or something) :smiley:

I am in Raleigh and can help with anything if I can. If anyone needs it. I think Ed has always ran the NC States.

dont forget about some judges my friend,if you facebook it up you could get alot more people to help ypou out with this buddy.

You guys have any news on this? Has anyone talked to Ed yet? If not I can do it

Buggot it looks like youll need to take charge cause i was going to try to head it up but im moving early May…

I don’t really know what to do besides talking to people… :-
I mean I can try to get things started and get in contact with ed, and work from there.

Maybe get in contact with Steve or Andre. They are part of the NYYL…

This needs to happen…

You live in NC too? If so that’s great, more to help the cause :slight_smile:

Yep. 50 mins from Durham.