Charlotte, NC?

Anyone yoyo near there? Not trying to set up an event, but it’s good to know if anyone close to me yoyos ;D

I started yoyoing a couple months ago i live near Charlotte NC

I was also wondering if there was a States/Regional contest near NC if I try to go to one. Anyone knows? Thanks

I’m not sure if the club down there is still going on. You should probably message Ed (That’s his username).

i’m in huntersville (20m north of charlotte). last year we had our nc state contest in december. i’ll talk with kevin about when/whether we are planning on prepping for that.

if anybody wants to set up a meet or club or whatever, i’ll come down when i can. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know there had been an NC state contest in 2013. Where did it take place?

It was in Charlotte, and it was a great time! I’d love to have that to go to again, a state yoyo contest is a great time.

i live right outside of Raleigh. (Willow Spring) im about 3.5 hours away :confused:

Will there be a NC State contest in 2014 or 15?

hmm North Carolina is a little far for me to go for just a simple meet even though i live in South Carolina but i’d be willing to go for a state contest if there was going to be a good group of people… and if i could get my hands on an elusive blue pulsar gen.

bump i want a north carolina state contest.

Me too, so I can at least visit. ANyone else in Charlotte?

Not in Charlotte, but I’d really enjoy a NC state contest. I’d probably compete too.

I’m in Wilson.

Bump. Please let there be NC States. At least 2015. Where’s ed?

I’m here.
Just north of Charlotte. I’ve run NC States a bunch. I’d be up for it again, but this year I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to get the work in. I’m not gonna run it halfway. Connor Vranizan said he was interested in taking the contest over for 2015. I’d help out and judge or whatever.
Always up to throw with people.

NC States 2015 is going to be that hype.

just let me know when you guys are going to do it im going to move this summer, but i want to be here for this. If its before i move you can count on me.

I’d love for there to be states. I’m not good enough right now though. I live almost right smack in Charlotte.
Didn’t know some people lived near me who yoyo.
I have a friend who is better than I, and I got 2 people into yoyoing here. If you guys ever want to get together, I’m up for it.

You can always go as a spectator.

I definitely will come to the NC State Yoyo Contest if it’s held in Charlotte, even maybe help out a little if I can. I just can’t compete is all, but I’ll contribute in other ways :slight_smile: