NC Club (just north of Charlotte)

hiya. i used to pseudo-organize the north carolina yo-yo crew (and state contests).

i wanted to see who (if anyone) would attend from the boards if i were to start up another weekly/biweekly club in the charlotte area. what day/time would be ideal? (i’m thinking around sunday afternoons - maybe 1-3p?)

i have a venue right off i-77 in huntersville.

I’m in North Charlotte, which isn’t too far away from Huntersville. I wouldn’t mind meeting up weekly/bi-weekly but it all depends on my job schedule and getting a new job. I need to practice though. I also have a buddy that might want to go as well, he lives close to H-ville than I do. But he also plays, and is pretty good…a lot better than me.

I’m in North Carolina as well but I am in Ernul (very close to new bern) so that would be about a 5 hour drive for me, hehe. Wish it was closer.

Too far away. Wish I could go.

Would love too but I’m busy all day on Sundays. Fri.?

Maybe some sort of online setup? group skype or something maybe? im two hours away…

i’m not really into a virtual get-together. the fun of these kinds of meet-ups is usually in trading tricks, trying out each others’ yo-yo’s, and actually hanging out. believe me, i know how much it sucks to be isolated. if we get it rolling, maybe it’d be worth a long drive every couple months.

the venue i was considering (a frozen yogurt place ironically called “the yo zone”) is really too small, so i want to think of a better option. a group of jugglers meets on the green in davidson (just off of i-77). they’re super nice, but it’s not too fun if you’re mostly into yo-yo. it’s a nice spot though, and the weather is getting warm. really need to come up with an indoor spot though.

Hey, There’s a frozen yogurt place called the yo zone in a mall im really close to! (holly hill mall) Also, would friday work if we did the club in person? Im usually busy all day sundays. Today was an exception because I’m sick.

Anything new?

For me, I know exactly where the Yo Shop is. It’s not too far from where I am right now as well. As for times, Weekends are awesome, and Friday nights would be good as well. I’m in the middle of transitioning jobs, and I’m going on a trip here this week, so I won’t be back until mid of next week. Other than that, let me know. I’ll try my best to show up.

hit up learning express this afternoon about starting a club along the lines of the YoLEx clubs in CA and NV. they seemed pretty interested. gonna talk more, but potentially be on the lookout for a meet-up in huntersville NC (north of charlotte on i-77) the week after easter.

obviously, more info to come.

Have we heard any word of meeting up? We sort of let this die a little, and was just wondering if we’re still wanting to meet up or whatnot.

i’m meeting with the learning express folks this weekend to start something up before the end of may. look at the last 2 weekends and see if a drive to this locale is a possibility! hope so! i’ll drop more info here. the people have been great and intend to start carrying more product in line with what players actually use (yyf, yyj, duncan, etc) along with string and supplies.

Double post!

Looks like we’ll be getting underway with a Huntersville NC yoyo club at Learning Express beginning the week after mother’s day. Club will run 1-3 on Sundays (at least to start) and the more experienced throwers we can get out there, the better it will look to the semi-interested kids who might want to try it out.

Hit me up with questions, and look at your calendar.

That is only about 4 hours from me. Heck I will drive to it, hehe. Do you have a specific address so i can use my GPS and get there? I can definitly go though.

haha! if it’s worth it to you, sure!

we are on for “YOLex” at learning express in huntersville. 1-3p every sunday beginning 5/20! GET HERE.

I’m just under an hour away. I’ll try to make it there on the 20th.

Due to a scheduling issue, our first meet will actually be the 27th. Apologies for the change!

I’ll see if I can make it.

I’m in Mooresville! I could try to come. just message more details and i might.